The work involves responsibility for performing skilled work in the operation of automotive equipment. Under supervision an employee in this class is responsible for the operation of various types of motor equipment and associated mechanical attachments. The primary responsibility is for the transportation of various types of materials from place to place. Employees are responsible for the routine maintenance of their vehicle and when not driving, do light-to-heavy physical labor. Work is normally under close supervision except for the more routine repetitive assignments. Does related work as required.




Operates a dump truck, flatbed truck, street sweeper or similar type truck or single chassis motor vehicle in connection with the removal of snow and street cleaning and transportation of various materials, tools, equipment, supplies.

Operates standard or modified trucks with mechanical attachments for fuel transportation, pumping, spraying and snow removal, also acts as wingman.

Operates distributor, light tractor with mowing attachment and various types of snow-fighting equipment, may operate a loader when necessary.

Occasionally operates small gasoline or other powered machinery such as cement mixers, air hammers and compressors, pumping equipment, saws and tampers.

Sets flags and barricades and participates generally in the laboring work of the crew.

Gives routine maintenance to the vehicles; makes emergency repairs and assists in general repair.

May instruct and train personnel in the use and handling of specified pieces of motor equipment as directed by supervisor.


When assigned to the Onondaga County Resource Recovery Agency


Drives a tractor trailer within the Agency Transfer Stations and may travel between transfer stations, moving a tractor-trailer from one station to another.


When Assigned to Onondaga Community College

May be called upon to assist in a variety of manual activities when not involved with equipment operation. Typical work activities may include: loading and unloading trucks, moving office equipment, setting up room furniture for special events, filling road holes with blacktop, picking up litter, emptying trash cans and turf repair.




Good knowledge of the operation and maintenance of dump trucks, flatbed trucks and various other types of motor equipment and related attachments.

Good knowledge of traffic and other regulations governing the use of motor equipment and of the hazards and safety precautions involved in its operation.

Skill in the operation of flatbed and dump trucks and other related motor equipment.

Ability to perform routine equipment maintenance, make emergency repairs and assist in general and mechanical repair of the equipment when necessary.

Ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions.

Physical strength and agility sufficient to operate equipment over rough terrain, occasionally under adverse weather conditions.


MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Possession of a Class A or Class B Commercial drivers license (CDL) with appropriate endorsements as required by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles for the class of vehicle being operated. Eligibility for and continued possession of the license is required for employment.


01/2018 REVISED