The work involves responsibility for assisting in the planning and supervision of a comprehensive sewer maintenance and inspection program for the Department of Water Environment Protection. An employee in this class is responsible for the work and coordination of the maintenance program in conjunction with an inspection program to ensure maximum effect of a preventative maintenance plan. This position assists in the development and update of existing programs and is responsible to the Sewer Maintenance and Inspection Engineer for job performance. Assignments are received verbally and in writing from the Engineer allowing for the exercise of considerable independent judgement in their implementation. Direct supervision is exercised over a small number of line supervisory positions within sewer and stream maintenance units and indirect supervision over a large number of personnel engaged in these activities. This classification is distinguished from that of Sewer Maintenance Supervisor because it possesses final authority and responsibility for the unit's activity and because its supervisory responsibility is administrative in nature rather than line supervision as in the Supervisor position. Does related work as required.




Determines priorities and schedules projects to be performed by Sewer and Stream Maintenance unit based upon the department's plans and priorities and the units work plans; advises Engineer of particular areas of concern; receives both verbal and narrative reports from supervisors summarizing accomplished work, problems encountered and recommendation on future action.

Directly supervises sewer inspections utilizing modern techniques and equipment such as closed-circuit television and smoke testing.

Assists the Sewer Maintenance and Inspection Engineer in arriving at decisions as to method and equipment most suitable to accomplish given jobs involving Sewer or Stream Maintenance by drawing on current knowledge of equipment available, its capabilities' and limitations, and the task to be accomplished; evaluates new equipment available in the field by review of specification, trade journals and visual observation of equipment in operation, and recommends types of equipment to the Supervisor.

Assists the Engineer in the review and recommendations for new sewer and drainage districts or expansion of existing districts by drawing on knowledge of current district capacities and capabilities, departmental priorities, and budget limitations.

Ensures enforcement of departmental and other governmental safety rules and regulations applicable to the unit by review of current accidents for cursory analysis of causes, through conversations with line supervisors; reinforces need for safety and program adherence, makes recommendations to safety officer for formal training based on knowledge and observation.

Has responsibility for the establishment and maintenance of work and personnel records, within departmental guidelines, relating to amounts of time for personnel services, equipment charge time and expended supplies used in each sanitary district for the purpose of costing and charge‑backs for district accounts. Accounts are kept for each district and cost charge slips are entered as work is approved and completed. This involves personnel time spent, hours charged to heavy equipment as well as supplies expended.

Has responsibility for the maintenance of unit file systems containing maps, charts, blueprints as built and drawings of sewer lines and related valves intercepting or grit chambers; stream locations and conditions through the charge-out of existing documents to departmental crews and private contractors; the periodic update material in file as repairs and extensions are made and the cataloging of data in a manner most normally used within this trade.

May function as instructor in training and on-site instruction of operating personnel in such areas as site

set-up, use and maintenance of modern complex equipment such as high pressure sewer jet machines, television, inspection vehicles and equipment, bucket and rodder machines and other equipment.

Maintains contacts and effective working relationships with other units within the Department of Water Environment Protection, private contractors and the general public.








Thorough knowledge of the standards, principles and practices of sewer and stream maintenance.

Thorough knowledge of sewer and stream maintenance materials and equipment.

Good knowledge of supervisory principles, practices and techniques.

Ability to effectively plan and supervise the work of a large number of employees in the most efficient and economic manner.

Ability to deal effectively with subordinates and co-workers.

Ability to keep and maintain a moderately complex record system.

Ability to layout and plan a budget in the most effective manner.

Ability to deal effectively in the department's best interest with the general public; professional engineers and operations personnel.






Two (2) years permanent competitive class status in the title of Sewer Maintenance Supervisor.


Open Competitive:


A) Graduation from a regionally accredited college or university or one accredited by the New York State Board of

Regents to grant degrees with a baccalaureate degree in chemical, civil, sanitary or environmental engineering,

environmental science or a physical science and two (2) years of supervisory level work experience, or its part time equivalent, in the design, construction or maintenance and inspection of sewers; or,


B) Six (6) years of paraprofessional or professional level work experience, or its part time equivalent, in engineering

or wastewater facility maintenance and repair, two (2) years of which must have been supervisory level work experience in the design, construction or maintenance and inspection of sewers; or,


C) An equivalent combination of training and experience as defined by the limits of (A) and (B).




05/2010 Revised