Under general supervision, an employee in this class leads one or more crews engaged in minor public works construction and maintenance projects. The work involves determining work methods and procedures as well as participating in assignments. Supervision may be operated over equipment operators and laborers. The work does require knowledge and skills utilized in highway maintenance. Work is performed under general supervision of an administrative superior within whose district the project is conducted. Technical direction may be received from a highway supervisor. During the winter, everyone including trainees performs snow and ice control activities, such as operating a single-blade plow or the wing plow in a one-person plowing operation. Winter snow and ice control activities will involve a shift in your normal work hours. The incumbent will perform all related duties as required



Oversees, leads, and inspects the work of a work crew involved in routine highway maintenance, construction, and repair.

Supervises and participates in the work of a crew which is assigned road paving, shoulder paving, tree trimming, storm drainage installation and maintenance, culvert and catch basin installation, spot improvement projects, and guide rail installation.

Assigns, inspects and leads in the repair and maintenance of roads, culverts, and guide rails streets.

Oversees grading, construction, drainage and lighting.

Leads in the installation and maintenance of storm drains, manholes, catch basins, main and service pipes.

Leads in the cleaning of reservoirs and stand pipes.

Supervises the oiling of streets and roads.

Leads in the installation, maintenance and assembly of traffic signs and street and road markings.

Oversees and/or participates in snow removal activities.

Supervises the erection of snow fences.

Leads in planting grass, mowing, leaf raking, and tree and brush removal.

Supervises the maintenance and repair of reservoir grounds and equipment.

Instructs subordinates in the use of equipment and materials.

May operate motor equipment.

May instruct and train personnel in the use and handling of specified pieces of motor equipment as directed by supervisor.

When acting as a lead worker, makes assignments, provides instructions, oversees and assists work and keeps appropriate records.

Performs preventive maintenance on assigned equipment and assists mechanics in equipment maintenance and repair.

Mounts, adjusts and dismounts snowplows, wing plows, and aggregate hoppers and spreaders.

Responsible for written or computed daily work logs including route/location logs and material logs.

Acts as an essential personnel and required to respond to emergency call-ins.

Operates light trucks (less than Twenty-Six Thousand Gross Vehicle Weight Rating); tractor-mounted mowers; patch rollers (less than 9 tons); sewer cleaners; wood chipper; maintainers; forklifts and other similar equipment.

Operates heavy trucks (more than Twenty-Six Thousand Gross Vehicle Weight Rating); Aerial lift trucks, snowplows, with wing (OPP); double wing OPP: catch basin vacuum trucks; self-propelled wideners; large pavement rollers (more than 9 tons); self-propelled street sweepers; front-end loaders; backhoes; over the rail mower windrow loaders and other similar equipment.

Operates truck-trailer combinations (requiring Class A commercial driver license); hydraulic excavators; graders; bituminous pavers; bulldozers; truck-mounted pavement striping machines; track loader, rotary snowplows and other similar equipment.



Working knowledge of the principles, methods, material and equipment common in public works maintenance and construction projects.

Working knowledge of the common practices, tools, terminology and accident precautions of the tasks in the specialized field of activity to which assigned.

Working knowledge of maintenance methods and procedures.

Ability to plan, supervise and organize the work of others.

Ability to carry out oral and written instructions.

Ability to operate a variety of hand and powered tools and motorized equipment.

Ability to keep records and make reports.

Willingness to work outside under adverse weather conditions.

Willingness to respond to emergencies and perform overtime work.

Willingness to respond to calls on a twenty-four hour basis




One (1) year of a permanent, non-competitive class status as Motor Equipment Operator 3 in OCDOT or Two (2) years of a permanent, non-competitive class status as Highway Maintenance Worker II and or Motor Equipment Operator II in OCDOT.

Open Competitive:

Three (3) years of work experience, or its part-time equivalent, involved in maintaining the appearance or condition of public works.


When required to operate motor vehicles, employees must possess a valid CDL A with appropriate endorsements/or restrictions as required by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles for the class of vehicle(s) being operated.  Where possession of a license is required, eligibility for and continued possession of the license is required for employment.

Possession of Excavator Certification is required to perform excavation duties in accordance with New York State General Business Law.  Certification must be obtained during the probationary period.  Training will commence upon appointment.  Eligibility for and continued possession of the license is required for employment.


9/2022 Date of original composition

 Rev 3/2023