Your primary goal as a Trainee is to obtain the CDL Class A or B license and a Heavy Dump Truck Certification. Much of your time as a Trainee will be spent in training, but you will also be involved in regular maintenance crew work. This work includes such tasks as flagging, picking up litter and doing other heavy physical labor activities. If trained and certified, you can be expected to operate equipment, such as a dump truck, tractor mower, fork lift, catch basin cleaner, sewer cleaner and patch roller. You will be trained and certified by DOT to operate the equipment. During the winter, everyone including trainees performs snow and ice control activities, such as, operating a single-blade plow or the wing plow in a two-person plowing operation. Winter snow and ice control activities will involve a shift in your normal work hours.


Trains under supervision, to operate a dump truck, snowplow, flatbed truck, street sweeper or similar type truck or single chassis motor vehicle in connection with the removal of snow and street cleaning and transportation of various materials, tools, equipment, supplies.

Trains under supervision, to operate standard or modified trucks with mechanical attachments for fuel transportation, pumping, spraying and snow removal, also acts as wingman.

Trains under supervision, to operate a light tractor with mowing attachment and various types of snow-fighting equipment, may operate a loader when necessary.

Occasionally operates small gasoline or other powered machinery such as cement mixers, air hammers and compressors, pumping equipment, saws and tampers under supervision.

Sets flags and barricades and participates generally in the laboring work of the crew.

Loads and unloads trucks of such items as crates, machinery, furniture, equipment, heavy stores, etc. by physically lifting the items or by operating a hand truck, forklift or similar equipment; moves items to and from storerooms; may accompany a truck driver or motor vehicle operator in the pickup and delivery of items and as such may in the event of need be required to drive the vehicle.



  Good knowledge of the operation and maintenance of dump trucks, flatbed trucks and various other types of motor equipment and related attachments.

  Good knowledge of traffic and other regulations governing the use of motor equipment and of the hazards and safety precautions involved in its operation.

  Ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions.

  Physical strength and agility sufficient to operate equipment over rough terrain, occasionally under adverse weather conditions.

  Ability to work in construction sites.

  Successful completion of a NYS DMV commercial driver license road test

  Willingness to work outside under adverse weather conditions.

  Willingness to respond to emergencies and perform overtime work.

  Physical condition commensurate with demands of the position.  



Possession of a Class D license, restricted Class A or B Commercial Driver License, or a Class A or B Commercial Driver License Permit.


9/2022 Date of original composition