The work involves responsibility for performing skilled masonry work in the construction and repair of structures that require the use of brick, stone, cement and other materials of the trade.  An employee in this class possesses the necessary knowledge's, skills and abilities to perform any or all skilled tasks of the trade, which distinguishes classifications that perform masonry work of lesser difficulty, breadth, or depth.  Work is performed under the general supervision of supervisory level maintenance personnel.  Assignments are received from the supervisor who explains the scope of the assignment to the employee or who supplies sketches or drawings to illustrate the location and measurements of the work.  Work assignments are reviewed through inspection or discussion of the work assignment.  Supervision is not a regular responsibility of the position.  Does related work as required. During the winter, everyone including trainees performs snow and ice control activities, such as operating a single-blade plow or the wing plow in a one-person plowing operation. Winter snow and ice control activities will involve a shift in your normal work hours.



            Mixes sand, cement mix, and water together to create mortar.

            Lays out work by measuring distances from reference points and marking guidelines on working surfaces.

Lays building materials such as stone, brick, concrete, cinder block and the like to construct or repair walls, partitions, manholes, catch basins, and so on.

Spreads cement to specified depth and workable consistency using floats to bring excess water to the surface and to produce a safe topping.

Smooth and finishes the surfaces of poured concrete floors, walks, sidewalks, curbs, and so on to specific textures using floats, trowels, straight edges.

Removes rough or defective spots from surfaces with chisel and hammer or by patching holes with fresh cement using a trowel.

            May sprinkle colored chips, powered stone, or small stones on cement to produce a prescribed finish.

May operate a cement mixing machine by pouring in desired amounts of water, sand and cement mix and then starting machine by setting choke and starter switches, pulls rope on centrifugal pull starter so that engine operates, and engages mixing assembly by manipulating appropriate controls.

            Sets wooden or steel forms into desired positions so that cement may be poured.

Estimates through considered or casual judgment and through measuring and counting both materials and time needed to perform work.

Responsible for written or computed daily work logs including route/location logs and material logs. Acts as an essential personnel and required to respond to emergency call-ins.

Operates light trucks (less than 26,000 Gross Vehicle Weight Rating); tractor-mounted mowers; patch rollers (less than 9 tons); sewer cleaners; wood chipper; maintainers; forklifts and other similar equipment.

Operates  heavy trucks (more than 26,000 Gross Vehicle Weight Rating); Aerial lift trucks, snowplows, with wing (OPP); double wing OPP: catch basin vacuum trucks;  self-propelled wideners; large pavement rollers (more than 9 tons); self-propelled street sweepers; front-end loaders; backhoes; over the rail mower windrow loaders and other similar equipment.

Operates truck-trailer combinations (requiring Class A commercial driver license); hydraulic excavators; graders; bituminous pavers; bulldozers; truck-mounted pavement striping machines; track loader, rotary snowplows and other similar equipment.



Thorough knowledge of the methods, materials and equipment used in masonry work.

Skill in performing masonry tasks requiring the application of mortar to stone.

Skill in the use of tools and materials used in the masonry trade.

Ability to inspect masonry materials and mortar for consistency.

Ability to read and understand sketches and drawings.

Ability to follow oral instructions pertaining to masonry work.

Mechanical aptitude.

Skill in the manipulation and care of tools used in the work.

Ability to estimate through considered or casual judgment and through measurements and counting both materials needed and duration of assignment.

Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.

Willingness to work outside under adverse weather conditions.

Willingness to respond to emergencies and perform overtime work.



  1. Three (3) years of full time experience under a journey level mason which provided training equivalent to that given in an apprenticeship program. Apprenticeship training in the masonry trade, or training gained by the completion of technical courses in the masonry trade at a school, institute, or branch of the Armed Services may be substituted for the above training or experience on a year-for-year basis.
  1. Three (3) years of full time work experience in a municipal  transportation department during which 3 full seasons were spent in the performance of  job duties which included building and pouring concrete forms or using  concrete masonry units (CMU) for drainage structures. 



When required to operate a motor vehicle, possession of a valid CDL A with appropriate endorsements/or restrictions as required by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles for the class of vehicle(s) being operated. Eligibility for and continued possession of the license is required for employment

Possession of Excavator Certification is required to perform excavation duties in accordance with New York State General Business Law.  Certification must be obtained during the probationary period.  Training will commence upon appointment.


9/2022 Date of original composition