This is skilled work primarily involving welding tasks in the repair, fabrication, installation and reconstruction of catch basins, culverts, bridge railings, loader buckets, truck bodies, trailer hitches and other metal pieces owned or maintained by the County Highway Department. The incumbent also uses schematic drawings, blue prints and mathematical formulas for the construction, repair and maintenance of bridges, culverts, and other highway structures. The primary responsibility of this is the performance of welding tasks in the field, although a variety of in-shop tasks are performed. This position requires the operation of equipment such as front end loaders, boom trucks, backhoes and trucks. The work is performed under the general supervision of department Heavy Mechanic Crew Leaders and Highway Supervisors with wide leeway for the choice of materials, equipment and techniques used. The employee will perform all related duties as required. During the winter, snow and ice control activities are required, such as fleet maintenance, emergency repairs and maintenance; including roadside wrecker towing and recovery.  Winter snow and ice control activities will involve a shift in your normal work hours.



Welds heavy steel culverts, storm sewer and catch basin assemblies, bridge supports, railings and other metal pieces in the field.

Repairs and/or rebuilds loader buckets, snow plows, dump boxes, cinder spreaders and other pieces of equipment; Designs and fabricates parts for loader buckets, truck bodies, building supports, building railing or other equipment or facilities for use in their construction or maintenance.

Performs body work and related maintenance on automotive and heavy equipment, which includes disassembling, rebuilding and repairing including electrical and hydraulics

Performs mig, tig, acetylene, propane and electrical welding

Fabricates equipment stands, frames and other special pieces from exact diagrams, rough sketches or general oral directions

Executes rust repair from salt deteroration

Read and understand schematic drawings, blueprints, and specifications, and implements changes related to construction, repair and maintenance of bridges, culverts and other highway structures;

Uses basic knowledge of mathematical formulas for the construction, repair and maintenance of bridges, culverts and other highway structures

Operates a builders level to set and transfer grades

Fabricates and installs decking, stringers, braces, hand rails and other structural steel components;

Operates equipment such as front end loaders, backhoes, boom trucks and trucks; Operates and maintains pumps, electric breakers, electric drills, compressors, saws, mechanical wrenches and hoists and other tools as the job requires

Installs trailer hitches and other devices to equipment to OSHA and/or manufacturers standards;

Operates trucks and other equipment to assist in a variety of department activities, including snow and ice removal, as required.

Performs roadside wrecker towing, recovery and service repairs.

Performs a variety of semi-skilled or unskilled tasks as required.

May supervise small groups of workers

Responsible for written or computed daily work logs including route/location logs and material logs.

Acts as an essential personnel and required to respond to emergency call-ins.

Operates light trucks (less than 26,000 Gross Vehicle Weight Rating); tractor-mounted mowers; patch rollers (less than 9 tons); sewer cleaners; wood chipper; maintainers; forklifts and other similar equipment.

Operates  heavy trucks (more than 26,000 Gross Vehicle Weight Rating); Aerial lift trucks, snowplows, with wing (OPP); double wing OPP: catch basin vacuum trucks;  self-propelled wideners; large pavement rollers (more than 9 tons); self-propelled street sweepers; front-end loaders; backhoes; over the rail mower windrow loaders and other similar equipment.

Operates truck-trailer combinations (requiring Class A commercial driver license); hydraulic excavators; graders; bituminous pavers; bulldozers; truck-mounted pavement striping machines; track loader, rotary snowplows and other similar equipment.



Good knowledge of equipment and materials used in welding trade.

Working knowledge of methods, materials, tools and equipment used in the assigned trades as they apply to repair and maintenance operations of bridges, culverts and other highway structures.

Skill in use of welding equipment to perform a variety of repair, maintenance, or fabrication tasks

Skill in selecting the proper material and techniques to perform assigned welding tasks

Skill and ability to design and visualize end products prior to commencement of project; Ability to read and understand schematic drawings, blueprints and specifications concerning construction, repair and maintenance of bridges, culverts and other highway structures

Ability to carry out complex oral and written directions

Ability to work independently; Working knowledge of Highway Maintenance Operational Guidelines as they apply to repair and maintenance for bridges, culverts and other highway structures

Ability to work with and explain information to others including subordinates, residents, suppliers and vendors

Ability to perform heavy physical labor, and work in an air supplied helmet

Good eye/hand coordination, and manual dexterity.

The employee’s physical and mental condition shall be commensurate with the demands of the position, either with or without reasonable accommodations.

Willingness to work outside under adverse weather conditions.

Willingness to respond to emergencies and perform work.



Three (3) years of full time experience under a journey level welder, which provided training equivalent to that given in an apprenticeship Program. Apprenticeship training in the welding trade, or training gained by completion of techni­cal courses in the welding trade at a school, institute, or branch of the Armed Services may be substituted for the above training and experience on a year-for-year basis.


Must be in possession of a minimum Class A, O restriction, Commercial Drivers License (CDL) with Wrecker endorsement as required by the New York Department of Motor Vehicles for the class of vehicle being operated.  Eligibility for and continued possession of the license is required for employment.


9/2022 Date of original composition