This is skilled work primarily responsible for the efficient performance of a variety of public works equipment repair, heavy equipment repair, machinist tasks and/or heavy equipment operation as needed. This class is distinguished from other public works employees by the ability to perform repairs at the journey level (i.e. complete rebuild of gas and diesel motors, transmissions, differentials, air brake systems, advanced hydraulic and electrical systems). General instructions are received from a higher-level employee regarding what tasks to perform. Considerable autonomy and independent judgment is required to plan and carry out the details of the work assigned. May lead the work of other shop personnel as assigned. The incumbent will perform all related duties as required. During the winter, snow and ice control activities are required, such as fleet maintenance, emergency repairs and maintenance; including roadside wrecker towing and recovery.  Winter snow and ice control activities will involve a shift in your normal work hours.



Performs skilled mechanical work in the repairing and overhaul of gas and diesel driven engines, transmissions, brake and exhaust systems, water pumps, generators, differentials, and other mechanical subassemblies ordinarily found in heavy equipment.

Rebuilds defective or damaged subassemblies.

Assembles and times engines.

Greases all moving parts, etc.

Diagnose and trouble shoot for preventative maintenance and/or equipment failure.

Performs skilled operations in making general repairs on motor equipment such as automobiles, trucks, tractors, sweepers, bulldozers, graders, rollers, backhoes, power saws and other public works equipment

Diagnose faults or malfunctions (engines, electrical, hydraulic, cooling, fuel, suspension, brakes) using computerized or other testing equipment.

May perform major engine overhauls on gasoline and diesel engines such as installing connecting rods and bearings, sleeve kits, pistons and rings, grinding valves, etc.

Repairs or overhauls brake systems, differentials, transmissions, front and rear axles, suspension systems, steering systems, hydraulic systems and electrical systems.

Performs welding and fabrication work on heavy equipment, as required.

Operates machine shop equipment, including lathes, grinders, torches, welders, electronic and other diagnostic test equipment and such other machines and equipment used in the department.

Performs roadside wrecker towing, recovery and service repairs.

Submits daily written reports and shop repair orders

Willingness to work outside under adverse weather conditions.

Willingness to respond to emergencies and perform overtime work.

Willingness to respond to calls on a twenty-four hour basis

Responsible for written or computed daily work logs including route/location logs and material logs. Acts as an essential personnel and required to respond to emergency call-ins.

Operates light trucks (less than Twenty-Six Thousand Gross Vehicle Weight Rating); tractor-mounted mowers; patch rollers (less than 9 tons); sewer cleaners; wood chipper; maintainers; forklifts and other similar equipment.

Operates  heavy trucks (more than Twenty-Six Thousand Gross Vehicle Weight Rating); Aerial lift trucks, snowplows, with wing (OPP); double wing OPP: catch basin vacuum trucks;  self-propelled wideners; large pavement rollers (more than 9 tons); self-propelled street sweepers; front-end loaders; backhoes; over the rail mower windrow loaders and other similar equipment.

Operates truck-trailer combinations (requiring Class A commercial driver license); hydraulic excavators; graders; bituminous pavers; bulldozers; truck-mounted pavement striping machines; track loader, rotary snowplows and other similar equipment.



Thorough knowledge of the methods, materials, tools and standard practice of the mechanical trade as related with maintenance and repair of heavy automotive or construction equipment.

Good knowledge of the methods, materials, and standard practices used in the repair and maintenance of construction equipment utilizing other systems of operation outside of those systems operating by gasoline or diesel driver power 

Thorough knowledge of standard automotive repair methods and of the terminology and tools of the trade

Skill in the use and care of automotive and public works equipment servicing tools and diagnostic equipment

Ability to make journey level repairs to automotive and other mechanical equipment

Ability to work from plans, specifications, electrical and hydraulic schematics, rough sketches and oral instructions.

Ability to get along with others;

Ability to operate a wide variety of motor equipment and heavy equipment;

Willingness to use and operate equipment, tools and machines

Good knowledge of the occupational hazards and safety precautions of the trade.

Good knowledge of the operating and repair characteristics of equipment normally associated with the operation of a Public Works Department.

Good knowledge of the operations of gasoline and diesel internal combustion engines.

Good knowledge of electrical systems in heavy automotive and construction equipment.

Skill in the use of tools, machines, testing equipment and computer diagnostic programs and related computer automotive programs.

Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.

Willingness to tolerate odors, dirt, exposure to solvents, oils, work in all kinds of weather conditions, and make repairs on job sites and roadways

Good coordination, dexterity.

The employee's physical and mental condition shall be commensurate with the demands of the position; and must be willing and able to work overtime and respond to emergency work as needed.



  1. Graduation from a regionally accredited college or university or one accredited by the New York State Board of Regents to grant degrees with an Associate’s Degree in Automotive Technology with a specialty in Heavy Equipment or an Associate’s Degree in Diesel Equipment Technology and one (1) year of skilled mechanical experience, or its part-time equivalent, in the repair and maintenance of heavy automotive equipment or construction equipment utilizing both gasoline and diesel powered engines which must have involved the maintenance and repair of bulldozers, power shovels, extractors and like heavy equipment; or,
  1. Graduation from a high school technical or vocational program in automotive mechanics AND three years of experience in a heavy equipment repair shop performing repair and maintenance of heavy equipment; or,
  1. Three (3) years of skilled mechanical experience, or its part-time equivalent, in the repair and maintenance of heavy automotive equipment or construction equipment utilizing both gasoline and diesel powered engines, one (1) year of which experience must have involved the maintenance and repair of bulldozers, power shovels, extractors and like heavy equipment; or,
  1. An equivalent combination of training and experience as defined by the limits of (A), (B) and (C).


Must be in possession of a minimum Class A, O restriction, Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) with Wrecker endorsement as required by the New York Department of Motor Vehicles for the class of vehicle being operated.  In addition, must possess the New York State Inspection Certification for Light and Heavy Duty Vehicles.  Eligibility for and continued possession of the license is required for employment.


9/2022 Date of original composition