WATERSHED PROGRAM MANAGER                          42440



This position is responsible for the oversight of Onondaga County Water Authority’s (OCWA) water supply watershed management program. Responsible for the coordination of several watershed control and planning type programs which include drinking water protection plans; grass roots association activities; invasive species programs and land management. Performs inspection work to prevent contamination of OCWA’s protected water sources, including Otisco Lake/Lake Ontario. Supervision exercised over seasonal employees and others as necessary. Performs under the general supervision of the Otisco Water Plant Manager. Does related work as required.


Management of OCWA’s Annual Watershed Program, including planning for and supervision of summer aides.

Patrols properties (residential, commercial, agricultural, and municipal) within the Otisco Lake watershed, its shoreline and tributaries by foot, truck and boat evaluating in order to detect violations of existing codes, rules and regulations to determine sewage system failures, illegal sewage discharge, improper storage or evidence of illegal dumping of hazardous and non-hazardous waste materials.

Conducts tests to determine leachate and sewage systems within the watershed.

Conducts annual agricultural land use and hazardous materials survey and inspections. Investigates and prepares data determining number of acres devoted to specific crops and inventory of pesticides, petroleum products and road salts used and stored within the watershed.

Inspects for situations that may environmentally impact water quality of Otisco Lake/Lake Ontario or their watercourses.

Interface and communicate with local health officials, DEC, zoning officials or residents regarding watershed and sanitary code rules and regulations as required.

Collects a variety of samples for analysis relating to water quality or watershed conditions.

Manage OCWA’s Otisco Lake tree cutting program.

Assist and provide information to Otisco Lake residents in obtaining proper permits for installations of seawalls etc. from OCWA, DEC, and Army Corps of Engineers.

Work in conjunction with Onondaga County Soil and Water Conservation District to assist in identifying and addressing watershed issues relating to Otisco Lake water quality and with involved stakeholders relating to Lake Ontario water quality.

Coordinate and assist with grant writing opportunities.

Assist Onondaga County Soil and Water Conservation District with initiatives that include salt spreading calibration program, Agricultural Environmental Management Program and farm best management programs in the Otisco Lake watershed.

Work with various lake associations to promote lake health.

Work with DEC in monitoring and identifying Harmful Algal Blooms.

Maintain an inter-agency effort to continue the farm planning program.

Coordinate and lead public and association meetings.

Manage contractors working on stormwater management, intake facilities, tree cutting, right-of-way management and other facilities.


Good knowledge of Watershed Rules and Regulations, and related Sanitary Codes for New York State and counties.

Good knowledge of the design, construction and operation of various subsurface sewage disposal systems and containerized disposal systems as per "NYS Handbook for Individual Household Systems".

Good understanding of stormwater management (both water quality and quantity).

Good understanding of surface, groundwater and lake water quality and sampling.

Ability to read and interpret engineering site plans for sewage disposal systems.

Ability to perceive problems that have potential environmental impact on water quality.

Ability to collect data and prepare reports for OCWA management.

Ability to supervise employees assigned to projects and assisting with watershed programs.

Ability to effectively communicate both orally and in writing to present to individuals and groups while establishing and maintaining harmonious relationships with the public.

Ability to use GIS to manage Watershed Survey.


Open Competitive:

A. Graduation with an Associate’s Degree, or higher, from a regionally accredited college or university or one accredited by the New York State Board of Regents to grant degrees in Environmental Science, Potable or Wastewater Management, Natural Science, Engineering, Construction, Architecture, or a closely related field and two years’ experience working on stormwater management programs, agricultural environmental management programs, farm best management practices or conducting water quality analysis,  or

A. Four years of experience working on stormwater management programs, agricultural environmental management programs, farm best management programs, or conducting water quality analysis.


When required to operate a motor vehicle, possession of a valid New York State Non-CDL or CDL, including any special endorsements, as required for the type of vehicle being operated.

5/2022 Date of Original composition