23400                                                                                                          (Competitive)



            An employee in this class supports COVID-19 response, increases the preparedness for future public health emergencies and supports public health infrastructure. The employee may be assigned to any Health Department program and may support health related programs in other County departments. Individuals must apply to the New York State Public Health Corps (NYSPHC) Fellowship Program to be considered. NYSPHC Fellows will be directed to the Health and Personnel Departments to work with the employee to determine specific projects, job duties, and responsibilities, based on the interests and career choice of the employee. Regardless of the assigned department, the employee will have the opportunity to assume diverse responsibilities, work on core public health projects, and perform a number of duties in his or her chosen field. The work is completed under the supervision of the Director of the department in which the employee will be working. The position may require interaction with a variety of individuals, organizations, departments, and governments, depending upon project opportunities. Does related work as required.


Specific work activities and responsibilities will vary according to the employee’s current project. Typical duties and projects may include any of the following:


Supports public health COVID-19 response programs and services.

Participates in community outreach, enrollment, and engagement activities.

Analyzes and evaluates programs and/or processes.

Recommends new or modified policies and procedures.

Performs benchmark studies of other health programs.

            Participates in daily administrative and management operations within the Health Department.

            Performs data collection and analysis for the Health Department’s Strategic Plan, QI/QA Plan, Community Health Assessment, Community Health Improvement Plan and Annual Report.

            Performs Quality Improvement, Quality Assurance efficiencies and cost containment research.

            Uses technology, social media, and communication strategies to further patient and population health.

Supports all health-related programs.

Performs other project-related duties as necessary.


            Good knowledge of the purposes, principles, terminology and practices employed in public health or health-related field.

            Working knowledge of the Onondaga County Health Department and Onondaga County socio-economic demographics.



Working knowledge of interviewing techniques.

Ability to analyze facts and make logical conclusions and recommendations.

            Ability to understand and apply the laws, codes and regulations pertaining to the Health Department and specifically to the program(s) assigned.

Ability to analyze problems, assess future problems, and formulate action plans to facilitate resolution of said problems.

Ability to research information, collect data and interpret and analyze findings.

Ability to perform data entry, including medical records.

Ability to work with Microsoft Office products.

Ability to perform mathematical calculations.

Ability to prepare reports.

Ability to understand interpret written material.

Ability to establish and maintain effective inter-personal relationships.


A. Graduation from (or currently be enrolled in an Associate's program for at least one year in one of the specified programs) a regionally accredited college or university or one accredited by the New York State Board of Regents to grant degrees with an Associate’s Degree or higher in public health, medical, dental, nursing and pharmaceutical programs, allied health, social services, communications, logistics planning, education, public policy/administration, emergency health programs technology or emergency health programs; or,

B. Possession of an endorsement by the New York State Public Health Corps or the New York State Public Health Fellowship program.

NOTE:  This is a NYSPHC Fellow position.  In order to qualify for employment with Onondaga County, candidates must apply to the New York State Public Health Corps Fellowship Program at HTTPS://FORMS.NY.GOV/S3/PUBLIC-HEALTH-CORPS-FELLOWSHIP-APPLICATION.  

1/2023 Revised