The work involves responsibility for management of the education program at Hillbrook Detention Center. Supervision is received from the Director of Juvenile Justice for the Department of Children and Family Services. Supervision is exercised over all educational staff, including Teachers, Teacher Assistants and Child Care Workers. Does related work as required.




Responsible for the organization and development of goals for the Education Department.

Assists in the creation of the curriculum for Life Skills, Vocational Education and other electives.

Assists in the development of a classroom environment that is conducive to meeting the needs and abilities of all Hillbrook residents.

Works collaboratively with school district personnel to create a partnership for obtaining school records, psychological reports, 504 Plans and Individualized Educations Plans (IEP's) for Hillbrook residents.

Conducts education interviews with all new residents upon admission and documents education history and needs.

Conducts basic math and reading assessments and analyzes the results in order to create education plans for Teachers and Teaching Assistants to use to meet the needs of each resident.

Ensure students receive modified curriculum and testing accommodations per resident's IEP.

Enroll students in virtual learning courses (Odysseyware) per resident's current transcript.

Initiate the transfer of virtual course credits and completed coursework.

Monitors virtual learning progress.

Monitors daily lesson plans and schedules, and modifies the daily school schedule as needed to adjust to the needs of the building.

Provides monthly report cards to home schools and parents.

Notify in-County resident's home school of learning concerns.

Provide Syracuse City School District with a weekly resident list of admissions and releases.

Ensure that home schools are notified of discharge and receive report cards, virtual learning progress and notice of course completion.

Assists the Social Work Department in preparing the CRI education section for all residents.

Monitors student behaviors and encourages students to maintain appropriate classroom behavior.

Facilitate behavior intervention meetings with students and teachers and track effective classroom intervention strategies for each student.

Reassess math and reading levels prior to resident's release.

Coordinates with in-County resident's home district to ensure a successful education environment once discharged.

Tracks resident's progress for thirty days post-release.

Ensure the Education Program meets all New York State Department of Education and OCFS requirements.

Completes New York State Department of Education program assessments.

Completes onsite Title One program evaluations with the New York State Department of Education.

Works closely with the LEA School District to ensure that Title One funds are allocated appropriately.

Maintains daily records for all admissions.
Prepares records and reports for departmental tracking of department indicators.

Facilitates bi-weekly Education meetings and participates in weekly facility meetings.








Comprehensive knowledge of special education policies and regulations, including knowledge of Individual Education Plans and 504 Plan regulations.

Thorough knowledge of detention center programs and regulations

Good knowledge of theory, principles and techniques of teaching.

Good knowledge of NYS education policies and procedures.

Good knowledge of supervisory practices.

Working knowledge of online education requirements and regulations.

Ability to produce clear and concise written reports.

Ability to coordinate and plan for effective transitions of youth from Hillbrook Detention Center to their home school or placement facility.

Ability to plan and direct the work of others.

Ability to adapt and change curriculum or policies to meet the needs of the residents at Hillbrook Detention Center.




Graduation from a regionally accredited college or university or one accredited by the New York State Board of Regents to grant degrees with a Master's degree in Special Education and New York State permanent Teacher certification in Special Education K-12 and either:


A. Ten (10) years of full-time experience, or its part-time equivalent, working in a public school as a certified Special Education teacher, administrator, or a combination of both; or,


B. Eight (8) years of full-time experience, or its part-time equivalent, working as a certified teacher in a detention center.



12/2018 Date of Original Composition