This member of the Executive Management Team has ultimate responsibility for the oversight of all fiscal matters, financial operations, procurement functions, and Management Information Systems of the Syracuse Housing Authority. The work is performed under the general direction of the Executive Director of the Authority with wide leeway allowed for the exercise of independent judgment in carrying out the technical details of the work. This position also involves working closely with other senior staff members of the Housing Authority in the strategic planning process and the development and implementation of new policies and procedures. This position is distinguished from the Comptroller (SHA) position by its emphasis on long-term strategic planning, financial analysis, and development of management reports, budgets, financial plans and internal controls. General and direct supervision is exercised over the work of professional accounting staff and clerical employees. Does related work as required.




Strategic Management:

Work with the Executive Director to plan and implement growth and profitability strategies through development of strategic initiatives, economic feasibility studies and business planning.

Develop and enforce financial policy for the Authority.

Maintain financial relationships with existing and future investment partners and satisfy investor driven reporting requirements.

Coordinate on-site audits as required by investment partners.

Provide financial analysis for current and future development projects and HUD programs such as the Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) undertaken by the Syracuse Housing Authority.

Provide presentations of financial data to other bodies external to the Syracuse Housing Authority which may include local governments, potential investment partners, and other entities as needed.


Finance and Accounting:

Supervise the Comptroller and other Accounting Department staff to ensure that the operation of the accounting department is performed efficiently and in accordance with existing HUD and government accounting standards.

Develop, evaluate and modify internal controls to fully protect the financial assets of the Syracuse Housing Authority.

Develop cash management strategies and monitor cash flow to ensure the continuing operation of the Syracuse Housing Authority, including plans for dealing with the irregular timing of significant cash needs which occur throughout the year.

Maintain and file all required HUD and other government reporting including the annual Financial Data Schedule (FDS) and monthly Voucher Maintenance System (VMS).

Coordinate completion of the annual operating budgets for HUD programs, SHA's component units, and other related housing developments.

Work with SHA operations staff and department heads to improve understanding of financial results and budgets.

Develop clear, understandable performance measurements needed to assess the financial health of the Authority and SHA's component units.

Analyze and forecast financial results to assist senior management in making future business decisions.

Oversee, analyze, and implement Syracuse Housing Authority employee benefit programs.

Present financial results for the Housing Authority to the SHA Board of Commissioners including various Board resolutions for which approval is sought.

Provide presentations of financial data to other bodies external to the Syracuse Housing Authority which may include local governments, potential investment partners, and other entities as needed.

Actively participate in negotiations with Syracuse Housing Authority's union; monitoring financial impact of various proposals and counterproposals and offering guidance to the Syracuse Housing Authority management team.

Keep abreast of current information relating to HUD and Government accounting rules and regulations including newly enacted legislation and developing industry trends.



Responsible for ensuring adherence to HUD procurement rules and regulations where applicable.

Provide overall guidance for and assist with the development of Requests for Proposals (RFPs) to help minimize the cost of contracted services and maintain a database of up-to-date enforceable contracts with vendors.

Provide supervision of the Syracuse Housing Authority's Contract Administrator.


Management Information Systems:

Provide guidance and oversight for the Information Technology function at the Syracuse Housing Authority.

Supervise the IT Director.






Comprehensive knowledge of the principles, terminology, purposes and practices employed in accounting, budget preparation and financial management.

Comprehensive knowledge of advanced professional techniques in the fields of accounting, budget preparation and financial management.

Comprehensive knowledge of federal, state and local laws, procedures and policies as they relate to the mission of the Syracuse Housing Authority, including knowledge of HUD housing subsidy programs.

Comprehensive knowledge of administrative planning, management and supervision.

Comprehensive knowledge of contracts, leases and vendor negotiation.

Comprehensive knowledge of the preparation and interpretation of fiscal, statistical, technical and narrative reports regarding all agency financial activities.

Ability to supervise employees in a manner conducive to high efficiency and morale.

Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.

Ability to establish and maintain cooperative and effective working relationships with public and private agencies, SHA Board Commissioners, business partners, fellow employees, and SHA residents.

Ability to operate computers, computer software to create and maintain records.

Ability to secure the cooperation of others.




One (1) year of permanent competitive class status in the title of Comptroller (Syracuse Housing Authority).


Open Competitive:

Graduation from a regionally accredited college or university or one accredited by the New York State Board of Regents to grant degrees with a Masters of Business Administration degree in Accounting or Finance, plus nine (9) years work experience in public or private sector fund accounting working with complex general ledger systems in large organizations which includes primary experience in account analysis and reconciliation, budgeting and financial reporting; six (6) years of which included supervisory experience.


9/2018 Date of Original Composition