The work involves responsibility for supervising and participating in the routine cleaning and semi‑skilled maintenance

tasks in a school building. Work involves the supervision of all subordinate personnel engaged in the cleaning and maintenance

of the building. Work is performed under the general supervision of a higher level custodian or an administrative superior.

Work is reviewed through conference, reports and on-the-job inspections. Supervision is exercised over a number of subordinate custodial personnel. This position involves 24 hour a day responsibility. Does related work as required.




Assigns, participates in and supervises the work of subordinate employees engaged in maintenance and cleaning tasks.

Inspects building, grounds and equipment for safety and cleanliness; performs routine inspections of school building

property, belongings or inventory as directed by superiors and reports on findings.

Supervises and participates in the maintenance of fan and ventilation systems, sump pumps, emergency generators and

hot water heaters by checking belts, replacing filters, assisting in major repairs and routine cleaning.

Supervises and participates in the maintenance of boilers, air compressors and air conditioning equipment by turning

them on and off, checking gauges, changing filters and belts and routine cleaning.

Requisitions, receives and distributes cleaning supplies.

Maintains work schedules and time records.

Receives and handles complaints and various special requests from principals and teachers.

Supervises and participates in minor maintenance and repair on floors, walls, and ceilings of all types including


Supervises and participates in the maintenance of floors by dust mopping, wet mopping, stripping, vacuuming, waxing, buffing and refinishing including all types, i.e. hardwood, tile of all kinds, terrazzo, concrete, marble and carpeted.

Supervises and participates in the maintenance and repair on doors, locks, light fixtures, outlets, sinks, toilets, drinking fountains, windows and related equipment.

Maintains and repairs equipment used in all phases of maintenance and cleaning activities.

Maintains an inventory of cleaning and custodial supplies.

Inspects and otherwise maintains fire extinguishers and other safety equipment.

Removes trash, performs emergency cleanups.

May shovel snow and salt walks; may mow lawns, trim grass, cut shrubs and perform other minor landscape


May mark athletic fields and maintain outdoor athletic equipment and playgrounds.

May maintain swimming pool equipment.

May arrange for special use of building as directed by school use agreements.

May monitor spending against budgeted funds for cleaning and custodial supplies/equipment.

May be responsible for scheduling and ensuring that custodial shifts and operations are covered during absences.




Thorough knowledge of maintenance and cleaning methods and equipment typically used in custodial work.

Good knowledge of the operation and minor maintenance of heating and ventilating equipment.

Good knowledge of the basic principles involved in making semi‑skilled plumbing, electrical, painting, plastering,

carpentry, and mechanical repairs.

Good knowledge of the techniques and methods of supervision involving planning, scheduling and assigning work.

Ability to plan, assign and supervise the work of subordinates.

Ability to interact and work well with building occupants and others.




Promotion: Two (2) years of permanent competitive class status in the title of Custodian 1.




-2- 70090



Open Competitive


Two (2) years* of custodial work experience, or its part time equivalent, involving semi‑skilled maintenance and repair

tasks such as minor plumbing, electrical and carpentry work.


*Experience in custodial work and semi-skilled maintenance can be, but does not need to be concurrent. A candidate

may qualify by showing a combination of employment that includes two (2) years of work experience in cleaning (custodial) and

two (2) years of work experience in semi-skilled maintenance and repair tasks.


4/2019 Revised