The work involves responsibility for performing duties required in carrying out medical orders as prescribed by a licensed Veterinarian which require an understanding of veterinary science. The Veterinary Technician assists in the practice of veterinarian medical care of animals at the zoo including exotic and rare species. There are some physical risks involved in the work due to the nature of the animal population. The employee may have to hold, move or lift animals of up to 50 pounds weight. The work of an employee in this class must be performed under the general supervision of a licensed veterinarian. Supervision of subordinates is not a function of this class. Does related work as required.



Collects appropriate specimens and performs clinical laboratory procedures and necropsy.

Takes radiographs of animal and develops radiographic film.

Prepares and administers medications on medical orders prepared by the veterinarian.

Assists with anesthesia under the on-site supervision of the veterinarian.

Assists in surgical procedures and other medical procedures in the physical presence of the veterinarian.

Maintains complete, accurate and up-to-date animal health records, necropsy reports, anesthetic records and controlled substance records.

Assists in establishing a procedure for inventory control in the clinic.

Instructs animal keepers as to proper administration of medication and in the collection of fecal and urine samples.

Maintains the animal clinic in an orderly, antiseptic and neat fashion.

Sterilizes syringes, needles, surgical instruments and equipment as mandated by standard medical guidelines.

Maintains inventory, and orders and stocks supplies and equipment for the veterinary clinic.

Maintains daily telephone communication regarding new and/or on-going cases and medications with a member of veterinary staff.



Good knowledge of veterinary medical procedures and medical terminology.

Working knowledge of anesthesia and surgical techniques; medicines, vaccines, vitamin supplements and anthelmintics.

Working knowledge of animal anatomy.

Working knowledge of operating equipment used in veterinary science.

Working knowledge of radiographic equipment, proper machine settings and developing procedures and the techniques and procedures of positioning animals.

Working knowledge of species' specific parasites, medications and vaccines.

Skill in handling zoo animals, both large and small species.

Skill in observing animals to determine behavioral or health problems.

Ability to set up and maintain a comprehensive filing and cataloging system for animal health records.

Ability to carry out complex oral and written instructions.

Ability to maintain good communication with veterinary staff

Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.


MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Possession of a permanent license and current registration as a Veterinary Technician from the New York State Education Department. Necessary proofs will be required at time of application.


Note: These qualifications are mandated by Article 135 of Title 8 of the New York State Education Law, Section 6708, 6709 and 6711.


SPECIAL NECESSARY REQUIREMENT: Eligibility for and continued possession of the license and registration must be maintained throughout employment.


11/2020 REVISED