The work involves responsibility for the operation and servicing of refrigeration equipment and component systems in municipal buildings and heating and cooling plants which service municipal buildings. An employee in this class is responsible for all preventative maintenance and follows a preventative maintenance schedule established by the manufacturer of the refrigeration equipment or by the supervisor. Although the manufacturer requires that the purchaser perform certain

kinds of maintenance tasks, service contracts exist that call for the manufacturer to supply to the purchaser the more sophisticated diagnostic or repair work on each machine and the related pumps, evaporators, compressors, condensers, and purge units that comprise the refrigeration systems. In the Onondaga County District Heating and Cooling Plant, general supervision is received from the Control Room Supervisor (DH&C Plant) or the Mechanical Systems Maintenance Supervisor or the Assistant Mechanical Systems Maintenance Supervisor. Depending on assignment the incumbent may supervise a small number of Power Plant Workers or unskilled laborers. Does related work as required.




Follows procedures defined in the manufacturer's operation and maintenance manuals for the operation, maintenance and repair of refrigeration equipment.

Applies, on a regular basis, preventative maintenance tasks prescribed by maintenance manuals; lubricates moving parts; adds oil; changes filters; installs belts or bearings; and installs new fans and aligns blades, belts and frame within

sides of duck work.

Repairs equipment by installing new pumps or motors; fixing worn parts; rebuilding a diaphragm; replacing impellers, shafts or bushings.

Tests water for alkalinity, acidity, phosphate content and presence of solids.

Tests for strength, purity and temperature of lithium bromide or calcium chloride and tests refrigerating machines for leaks of lithium bromide or calcium chloride; tests for leaks of refrigerant or absorbent.

Reads pneumatic and electrical controls as a check on proper mechanical functioning and in an emergency situation may render controls operable by cleansing dirt or condensation from lines of control mechanism or by installing a new line.

Manually cleans traps on steam fittings and radiators; installs new packing in steam fittings; vacuums radiators; punches air holes in radiators; and cleans line water filters in radiators; cleans tube bundle in the cooler and absorber. Installs automatic water valves, checks valves, and globe valves, dismantles same to clean internal parts and installs new packing.

Cleans or operates a mechanical or steam washer to clean duct work, coils, and filters.

May disconnect a defective or worn mechanism, such as a pump or compressor, to install a new mechanism or may install new parts into a pump or compressor, such as shafts, bearings, or impellers.


When Assigned to the Onondaga County District Heating and Cooling Plant


Operates, services and repairs and performs preventative maintenance on the chilled water, thermal ice storage, air conditioning, and related refrigeration equipment and systems in the Plant and in the buildings served by the Plant or under

the jurisdiction of the Facilities Management Department.

Performs chemical testing and analysis of water in the absorption and centrifugal chiller and thermal ice storage systems; introduces chemicals into these systems; makes adjustments necessary to maintain water treatment levels consistent with the recommendations of the equipment manufacturer and Plant operating policy.

Verifies the proper operation of the fire alarm systems and elevators to the extent necessary to determine the probable existence of operational problems.

As needed, visits facilities to inspect, adjust and make minor repairs to heating, ventilating and air conditioning primary and ancillary equipment as needed to maintain proper air conditioning performance in facilities.

Assists fire department personnel as requested during an alarm condition in blanking out detection system zone, resetting circuitry, etc.



When Assigned to the North Syracuse Central School District


Services and maintains a large number of commercial air conditioners with cooling capacities of 34 to 40 tons as well as a large number of reciprocating machine units; services and maintains walk-in and reach-in freezers, mild coolers, refrigeration drinking fountains and ice machines.





-2- 65200







Good knowledge of the principles and practices of the operation and maintenance of commercial refrigeration equipment and component systems.

Good knowledge of the function, purpose and location of all equipment operated in the system, such as absorbers or centrifugal compressors, condensers, evaporators, water pump motors, pneumatic and electric controls, thermostats,

fans, cooling towers, filters, and heating and cooling coils.

Good knowledge of the tools and measuring devices used in maintenance diagnosis, or repair of equipment.

Good knowledge of chemically conditioning and treating water in air conditioning refrigeration equipment.

Skill in the use of tools of the mechanical trade and the measuring devices which are used in the diagnosis, repair or maintenance of refrigeration equipment.

Ability to apply to skill and knowledge in the operation, diagnosis, repair and maintenance of equipment.

Ability to detect malfunctions in equipment to locate and diagnose the nature and extent of the problem, to determine the cause and to take the necessary steps to repair the problem through adjustment, repair or replacement of parts.

Ability to read and interpret maintenance and operating manuals, blueprints, specifications and diagrams and to keep detailed log records of jobs performed.

Ability to learn fire detection and elevator system operating, repair and maintenance procedures to the extent needed to assess if a problem exists, and to assist emergency personnel in dealing with such systems.

Ability to follow complex and detailed oral and written instructions.

Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.




A. Graduation from a regionally accredited or New York State registered college or university or a technical school with an associate's degree, or its equivalent, in mechanical technology with a concentration in the maintenance, operation and servicing of commercial refrigeration systems; or,


B. Two (2) years of work experience in the maintenance, operation and servicing of commercial air conditioning and refrigeration systems; or,


  1. An equivalent combination of training and experience as defined by the limits of (A) and (B).


Revised 10/2013