The work involves responsibility for supervising the operation of a Boiler Power Plant involving the safe and efficient operation of automatic high or low-pressure boilers to produce steam, hot water and heat to one or more large buildings. The boilers may be either fire tube or water tube design, powered by either fuel oil or gas; and internal pressures of the boilers may vary in range. The Power Plant Supervisors may also plan, layout and supervise plumbing and steamfitting work for the facility. Work is periodically reviewed by a higher level employee through observation and/or inspection of the power house operation and work performed by power plant staff. Supervision is exercised over a number of Boiler Operators and Boiler Operator Maintenance Workers.




Supervises and instructs staff and may participate in the operation and repair of boilers and auxiliary equipment such as water pumps, fuel pumps, air compressors, water tanks, and fuel tanks; and may participate in the operation and repair of plumbing steam pipe systems.

As required, gives verbal instructions and/or demonstrates proper repair and installation techniques and the use of necessary hand and power tools and equipment. By performing visual, performance and other checks, observes and inspects the work while in progress and when completed to insure that the work is completed on schedule and according to plan. Inspects work performed by outside contractors to insure conformance to project specifications.

Performs plumbing, steamfitting, electrical and preventative maintenance repair tasks on boilers and auxiliary equipment. That is, repairs and replaces water and steam pipes, gaskets, valves, repacks and reseats water and steam valves; replaces electrical contacts, relays, fuses; may rewire mechanism; oils and greases machine parts, changes belts, nuts, bolts, cleans filters, repairs ruptures in hoses.

Plans and lays out work of the Power Plant staff. Determines the material, tool and labor requirements to accomplish each project and order the required materials and supplies. Assigns staff to each project (both preventative maintenance and repairs) providing oral directions and as required, instructional demonstrations, and technical assistance. Establishes a schedule of preventative maintenance tasks to be performed on boilers and auxiliary equipment. Schedules shifts and days of work for Power Plant staff.

Evaluates job performance of employees through observation and inspection of work performed; may verbally reprimand employees; recommends to a higher level employee stronger discipline as needed.

Orders machine parts and work supplies for smoke detection system, boiler, plumbing, steamfitting and refrigeration systems. That is, estimates needs through observation, inventory, and users' complaints. Completes and submits simple preprinted order forms to the department order clerk.

Interviews applicants for Power Plant positions and recommends appointments to department head.

Keeps records of such things as repairs made, or daily, monthly and yearly consumption of gas, oil, water, and steam by using simple arithmetic and posting information of a simple log.

May periodically write simple narrative and tabular reports to department head on activities and future plans and consumption of water, gas, oil, steam, and supplies.

May prepare annual budgets for submission to department head. That is, estimates need for and writes lists of staff positions requested, projected overtime expense, machine parts and equipment repairs needed.

Installs, alters, and repairs high and low pressure pipe systems that carry water, steam, air or other liquids or gasses. Replaces corroded or leaking pipe, lays new pipe or steam line. Adjusts, cleans, reseats repacks, rebuilds and replaces parts on steam pressure reducing valves, temperature reducing valves and steam traps.

Repairs, maintains and installs plumbing lines, fixtures and appliances such as sinks, tubs, showers, toilets, drinking fountains, dishwashers and various steam equipment used in laundries, kitchens and cafeterias. That is, repairs, replaces and rebuilds old and installs new water pipes, plumbing fixtures, appliances and parts thereof such as pumps, motors, valves, faucets, traps, sewers vents and sink and toilet bowls. Replaces washers and leaky faucets. Unplugs toilets, drains and pipes with hand and power tools.

According to plan, measures, cuts, threads and bends pipe to required angle. Assembles and installs a variety of metal and nonmetal pipe and pipe fittings. Joins piping by means of threaded, caulked, wiped, soldered, brazed, fused or cemented joints. Tests pipe systems for leaks by filling with liquid or air and reading pressure gauges.




Comprehensive knowledge of the principles, practices, materials and tools of the operation, maintenance and repair of steam generating and hot water type boilers and auxiliary boiler room equipment such as water, fuel, and vacuum pumps, air compressors and water and fuel tanks and other associated electrical and mechanical equipment.

Comprehensive knowledge of hot water and steam heat systems and control devices.

Good knowledge of the principles and practices of supervision and training.

Thorough knowledge of the occupational hazards and safety precautions of the work.

Ability to perform preventative maintenance and repair tasks to the boilers and auxiliary boiler room equipment.

Ability to train and to plan, assign and supervise the work of skilled, semiskilled and unskilled workers.

Ability to estimate cost, labor, time and materials used in plumbing, steamfitting and boiler work.

Ability to perform moderate to heavy manual labor.

Ability to read, interpret and work from plans, drawings and specifications.

Ability to use simple arithmetic to compute usage of water, steam and fuel.

Ability to post basic information such as usage of water, steam and fuel in a simple, pre-printed log.

Ability to write simple narrative and tabular periodic reports to the department head.

Ability to keep records such as repairs made, or consumption of water, steam or fuel by using simple arithmetic and posting on a simple log.

Ability to understand and carry out written and oral instructions.

Comprehensive knowledge of the principles, methods, materials, tools and equipment used in the plumbing and steamfitting trade.

Ability to repair, replace and install plumbing and steam lines, fixtures and appliances.

Ability to plan, lay out and complete plumbing, steamfitting and boiler operation, maintenance and repair.

Ability to use a variety of hand and power tools and motorized equipment and materials used in plumbing, steamfitting and boiler maintenance and repair.

Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.






Two (2) years of permanent competitive class status in the title of Boiler Operator/ Maintenance Worker.


Open Competitive:



Three (3) years of work experience or its part time equivalent in the operation, maintenance and repair of steam and/or high temperature hot water pressure boilers or auxiliary lines conveying steam or high temperature hot water and two (2) years of work experience or its part time equivalent in the installation, replacement, and repair of plumbing and steam lines, fixtures and appliances.



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