The work involves responsibility for supervising and participating in the work activities in a solid waste plant facility and monitoring operations and work flow therein to maintain the operational efficiency of equipment and machinery; to insure an acceptable level of production; and to expedite the handling of waste material throughout the facility. The work also includes the maintenance and repair of various types of mechanical or motorized equipment inclusive of loaders, excavators, and compactors and the operation of these machines and other equipment as needed due to absenteeism or reassignment. General supervision is received from the plant supervisor who allows the incumbent some leeway for exercising independent judgement in handling day‑to‑day problems and investigating complications which may effect the movement of solid waste material through the plant. Work is reviewed through daily reports and conferences, review of operational reports and occasional on‑site operational inspection by the plant supervisor. General supervision is exercised over a large number of subordinates involved in the operation, repair and maintenance of equipment and machines. Does related work as required.




Monitors daily inflow of solid waste material and its handling and flow through the facility and oversees outgoing transportation and disposal to insure and maintain efficient work flow throughout the facility;

Directs, supervises and monitors the work activities of a large number of semi‑skilled and unskilled workers in the maintenance, repair or operation of automotive and motorized equipment and machinery and in other general maintenance duties of the facility;

Checks and verbally reports on any backlogs of solid waste material, employee absenteeism and breakdowns in machinery which may have caused, or have a potential to cause, further backlogs in dispersing the solid waste flow through the facility;

Operates machines used in conveying solid waste materials when regular operators are unavailable;

Maintains and repairs equipment and machinery utilized in various phases of the work by performing machine maintenance, electrical and mechanical repairs;

Completes daily work distribution sheets, compiles and logs in all daily operation records, lists all allocations and computes daily consumption totals for monthly tabulation;

Oversees and participates in preventive maintenance on equipment and machinery used in all phases of the operation by cleaning, rebuilding or installing replacement parts;

Checks to see that the Solid Waste facility is secure at the end of each working day and activates security system before leaving the facility.

May operate automotive equipment with mechanical attachments where required.




Good knowledge of the methods, materials, tools and equipment used in the, operational activities of a solid waste plant facility.

Good knowledge of the practices, techniques and mechanical theory associated with solid waste processing and related mechanical maintenance.

Good knowledge of the methods and techniques of supervision.

Ability to plan, supervise and monitor the work of others.

Ability to prepare simple numerical and narrative reports and to keep records.

Ability to operate mechanical equipment, motorized machinery and motor vehicles.

Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.




Three (3) years of full time work experience, or its part time equivalent, in the maintenance, operation or repair of machines in a solid waste plant or in a similar environment, at least one (1) year of which must have been in a supervisory capacity.



Revised 8/2005