The work involves responsibility for directing and maintaining the operation of a water distribution system of moderate size in a municipal town. An employee in this class has responsible charge for the performance of active regular onsite operational functions and is accountable for the piping system used in a public water system to deliver potable water to the consumer's service connection. This would include responsibility for the direction, supervision and coordination of a small to moderate sized staff in the performance of repair and maintenance of all pipes, valves and fittings that connect the distribution system to a consumer's facility and which may include the clerical water billing functions of the department. General supervision is received from an administrative superior. An employee in this class is allowed to perform duties with independence and initiative under general administrative and policy controls. Supervision of staff is exercised over laborers, clerical staff, meter readers and/or maintenance workers and crew leaders although staff size and specific titles may vary depending on the size and location of the distribution system. Does related work as required.




Directs, coordinates and administers the technical maintenance of a municipal water distribution system.

Assigns, schedules and verifies completed work involved in the repair of water main leaks; repair and replacement of fire hydrants; repair of leaking or noisy meters, replacement of water meters; locating and uncovering water mains valves and related structures; and all other technical work as required; may participate in the work as needed.

Maintains and updates the mapping and location system for all water mains and shut off valves in the system.

Investigates and studies all additions, alterations, or changes to the water distribution system; reviews plans for new construction or alteration; and confers with engineers and/or contractors in the study and completion of the work.

Deals with customers, contractors other utilities and various engineers on matters concerning water pressures and flown; water system sources; water main locations and sizes; prices for tapping the main prices for meters; sprinkler system requirements and specifications; installation or replacement of water and chlorine count and fluoride count (where applicable).

Perform record keeping and bookkeeping tasks necessary, to maintain information on billing, repair, maintenance tasks, and payroll and collates information for the preparation of reports as needed or requested for administrative purposes.

Supervises all staff of the department, the size and nature of which varies depending on location, size and function of the organization.

Collects or supervises the collection of water samples throughout the system for testing and analysis by the Onondaga County Water Authority as required by Public Health Law and standards.

May study the operating procedures and costs of the water distribution system to determine the most affective methods for improvement or change.

May prepare and maintain the operating budget for the water distribution district as directed and approved by the administrative Supervisor or Board.

May supervise the billing function inclusive of water meter readings and/or the accounting, billing and payment procedures.

Attends planning board and/or town meetings as required.

May attend seminars or training sessions concerning water distribution systems held by the New York State or Onondaga County Health Departments in an effort to improve knowledge, skills and abilities or to keep abreast of new developments in the field.




Good knowledge of the technical operation of a municipal water distribution system.

Good knowledge of the principals, practices, materials and equipment used in the construction, maintenance and repair of a water distribution system including all pipes, valves and fittings.

Good knowledge of the preventative measures taken to eliminate work related accidents.

Working knowledge of the principals and practices of supervision of employees in maintenance and repair tasks and assignments and clerical support staff where applicable.





Working knowledge of the practices and methods of record keeping.

Ability to administer a moderate sized water distribution system inclusive of budget preparation and review, review of contractual agreements, and approval of operational expenditures.

Ability to read and interpret blueprints, plans and maps as they relate to a water distribution system.

Ability to develop and maintain harmonious working relationships.






Two (2) years of permanent non‑competitive class status in the title of Water Maintenance Crew Leader.




One (1) year of work experience, or its part time equivalent, in the operation and maintenance of a water distribution system serving 1000 People or more; and three (3) years of work experience as described in either a) or b) below:


a.) Three (3) years of work experience, or its part time equivalent, in the performance of skilled plumbing tasks; or


b.) Three (3) years of work experience, or its part, time equivalent, in the operation and maintenance of a water distribution system which must have included the repair of valves, pipes and fittings.


NOTE: In all cases candidates must have a minimum of four (4) years of work experience one (1) year of which must have been in a water distribution system serving 1000 people or more.




Possession of a current Grade D Certificate from the New York State Department of Health at time of appointment.



11/13 Revised