The work involves responsibility for assisting in the daily management and supervision of the Village of Solvay Electric Department. An employee in this class is responsible for scheduling and directing the day-to-day and long-term activities of various departments and the crews. Under general supervision of the Electric Department Superintendent, an employee in this class carries out work in accordance with general policies of the Village Board of Trustees and its Electrical Committee with wide leeway for the exercise of independent judgment in carrying out technical duties of the work. General supervision is exercised over a large number of technical and clerical subordinates. An employee in this class is required to be on call at all times in order to direct staff during emergencies. Does related work as required.




Assists in managing, planning, organizing and directing departmental activities involving the operation, construction, maintenance, repair and modification of the village electrical distribution system.

Schedules, directs and supervises day-to-day operations for the line departments.

Responsible for the layout and design of new line replacements and inspects installation and repair of distribution system and advises Superintendent of problems.

Maintains SCADA system and responsible.

Assists in overseeing the procurement and installation of equipment including transformers, switching equipment, instrumentation, and storage facilities.

Assists in studying load and system problems to devise methods to solve same.

Works with Superintendent, Electric Commission and Solvay Village Board to develop and implement written policies and procedures.

Assists Superintendent in identifying training needs for staff; trains and documents safety training of personnel.

Assists in evaluating effectiveness and development of personnel.

Oversees all interaction with contractors and staff; schedules and manages work of contractors.

Coordinates with outside agencies and community at large on projects requiring modification or expansion.

Attends board meetings and executive sessions for input and discussion on all policy and personnel issues.

Supervises line workers as well as technical and clerical subordinates.

Acts for Superintendent in the latter’s absence.




Good knowledge of the principles and practices of maintenance and operation of a village electrical system.

Good knowledge of the management, planning, and development of electrical power programs.

Good knowledge of power distribution concepts and implementation.

Good knowledge of the principles and practices of supervision.

Ability to develop plans, work schedules, programs, and designs for construction, repair, and modification of electrical utilities.

Ability to evaluate and suggest changes to policies.

Ability to promote Solvay Electric Department’s community commitment while meeting overall goals.

Ability to plan, direct and supervise effectively the work of subordinate employees.

Ability to coordinate and schedule work assignments.

Ability to communicate both orally and in writing.




Five (5) years of professional supervisory level work experience, or its part-time equivalent, in business management which must have included operations planning and job cost analysis, while working or contracting for a municipal or private electric power company.




NOTE: Electrical contracting work must have been with a municipal or private electric power company.

NOTE: Home, building construction or industrial contracting does not qualify.



3/2011 Date of Original Composition