This is a supervisory and technical position involving responsibility for the maintenance and operation of mechanical systems that provide environmental control to Onondaga County, buildings and facilities. The employee supervises the operation and maintenance and provides utility services to other county owned or supported buildings as required. As needed, the employee supervises, reviews and approves the work of consulting engineers and contractors engaged to perform design, repair or construction on county buildings and facilities. The employee is responsible for creating system designs and translating these to presentations suitable to receive proposals and permit execution by in‑house or contractor trades-people. Under general supervision of the Commissioner or designee, an employee in this class is responsible for assigning personnel in sufficient numbers to supply adequate coverage over mechanical systems and to ensure that work performed is done effectively and efficiently. An employee in this class assigns work and inspects work for quality, and may participate in maintenance or repair work when staffing is insufficient or a technical problem exists that staff cannot resolve. An employee in this class inspects and evaluates systems and initiates corrective action or modifications to improve reliability, performance and economy of operation. An employee in this class is subject to administrative and policy controls set forth by the department. General supervision is exercised over maintenance workers, and other subordinate employees.




Supervises maintenance workers in their operation, preventative maintenance and repair tasks upon mechanical equipment by personal observation of workers' methods and finished product to ensure work is performed effectively and efficiently.

Schedules shifts and days of work for maintenance staff and assigns tasks on a daily or as needed basis.

Establishes a schedule of preventative maintenance tasks that conform to engineering recommendations supplied from manufacturers and technical consultants.

Inventories materials, parts, tools, building blueprints and equipment specifications to keep informed as to available supplies and to note alterations in blueprints or specifications.

Requisitions equipment and parts as necessary by placing order forms with the Department of Purchasing.

Meets with subordinates as needed to establish preventative maintenance schedules, order materials, or to discuss problems.

Reads service contracts held with vendors of mechanical systems to understand the nature of service given and to anticipate when service should be performed on specific system.

Inspects work that may require specific skills; determines need for skilled work, and arranges for appropriate staff to complete the job.

Inspects, according to predetermined preventative maintenance schedule, commercial pumps, motors, and compressors, and mechanical systems by using appropriate means to determine and identify the need for maintenance or repair work.

Diagnoses malfunctions or determines the extent of maintenance of mechanical equipment through inspection or through disassembly of all or part of the mechanical equipment, or by reading operation and maintenance manuals once inspection and/or disassembly have taken place.

Maintains data base on computer systems for energy monitoring, energy

management, equipment monitoring and control and personnel records.

Initiates studies and projects to add to or modify existing mechanical systems for purposes of improving reliability, economy and/or performance of such systems.

Provides training to subordinates as appropriate to the subordinates duties

and responsibilities.

Reads blueprints, specifications, and technical matter of a written or graphic nature that pertain to layout and location of systems as well as to operation and maintenance of same.

Prepares reports for the Commissioner, to establish status of projects, and other matters as appropriate.






Comprehensive knowledge of preventative maintenance as applied to commercial pumps, fans, motors and compressors used in commercial heating and air conditioning.

Comprehensive knowledge of the mechanical principles of operation of commercial pumps, fans, motors, and compressors, thermostats, and regulators used in commercial heating and air conditioning.

Comprehensive knowledge of the engineering principles related to mechanical systems and the ability to apply these principles and instruct subordinates in their application.

Good knowledge of the principles of operation of mechanical, hydraulic,

pneumatic, and electrical controls.

Good knowledge of the principles of operation of fire and sprinkler systems.

Working knowledge of the principles and practices involved in the preparation of bids and purchase of equipment and supplies.

Working knowledge of computer application principles and the ability to utilize these for equipment operation, monitoring and control.

Skill in applying preventative maintenance to commercial pumps, fans, motors and compressors.

Ability to plan work assignments and supervise a large number of subordinates.

Ability to diagnose malfunctions in commercial pumps, fans, and compressors used in commercial heating and air conditioning systems.

Ability to read and interpret operation and maintenance manuals, specifications and blueprints.

Ability to prepare reports and presentations in support of requests for funding of major system modifications or capital projects.

Ability to establish a working relationship with subordinates, supervisors and other county employees.

Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.







Two (2) years of permanent competitive class status in the title of Assistant Mechanical Systems Supervisor.




Six (6) years of work experience, or its part time equivalent, in the servicing, maintenance and preventive repair of heating, ventilating and air conditioning equipment, at least two (2) years of which must have been in a supervisory capacity.




Successful completion of semester credit hours in courses covering HVAC from a regionally accredited or New York State college or university or technical school may be substituted for each year of non-supervisory work experience up to a total of two (2) years as follows:


Nine (9) credit hours equals one (1) year;

Eighteen (18) credit hours equals two (2) years.



3/07 Revised