The work involves responsibility for supervising a crew in the performance of semi-skilled tasks in the installation, maintenance and repair of water mains and services. Under general supervision, an employee in this class is responsible for the supervision and work of a water maintenance crew engaged in a variety of semi-skilled tasks relating to the installation, maintenance and repair of water mains and services. Leeway is allowed the employee in the method and approach taken to accomplish the assigned task. The crew leader may perform tasks similar to other classifications within the job family. Assignments are received from a technical supervisor orally or in general written memo indicating problem and location. The employee determines the best method of solving the problem. Work is reviewed through submission of job reports. Supervision is exercised over a small number of subordinate employees. Does related work as required.


Receives job orders from supervisor indicating problem and location; this is normally in memo or job order form; draw tools and materials necessary to accomplish the task.

Completes necessary forms to indicate job performed, stock drawn to complete job and time charged for crew.

Supervises and participates in the installation and repair of water mains, fire hydrants, and line and hydrant valves.

Supervises the lying of replacement sections on mains and services.

Supervises and participates in the repair of main leaks and breaks, service leaks, valve leaks, hydrant leaks, damaged hydrants, repair of valve and curb boxes.

Flushing hydrants to clean lines.

Supervises and makes service taps and installs new service lines.

Supervises and operates tapping equipment and installs tapping sleeves.

May operate crew service truck.

May supervise and participate in the operation of valves.

May supervise and assist in the installation of concrete meter pits, piping, valves and meters located in pits.

Advises supervisor on work performance of assigned crew and completes performance evaluation forms.

Performs leak detection analysis on all components of a water system by methods of survey, listening devices, monitoring meter equipment and measuring devices to quantify flow.

Supervises and assists in the cleaning of mains by swabbing with poly-pigs.

Performs work in the installation of new piping, pumps, air valves, pressure reducing valves and other distribution system equipment.

When Employed at Onondaga County Water Authority:

Performs system and hydrant flow studies, metered consumption studies, pressure studies and pressure reducing studies.


Good knowledge of the maintenance and service practices utilized in a water distribution system.

Good knowledge of the tools and terminology as they relate to the operation of a water distribution system.

Good knowledge of the preventative measures taken to eliminate work associated accidents.

Good knowledge of traffic control and safety practices for a construction zone.

Working knowledge of OSHA excavation safety procedures and ability to identify and mitigate existing and predictable unsanitary, hazardous or dangerous working conditions.

Some knowledge of methods and principles of supervision.

Skill in the use of hand and power tools.

Ability to train crew members in the various water maintenance tasks.

Ability to supervise subordinates in a manner conducive to full performance and high morale.

Ability to lay out and plan the work to insure maximum efficiency.

Ability to perform the work as required.

Ability to read and interpret blueprints plans and maps as they relate to a water distribution system.

Mechanical aptitude.

Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.




-2- 63370



Four (4) years of work experience or its part time equivalent, in the maintenance and construction of a water distribution system.


When required to operate motor vehicles, employees must possess a valid non-CDL or CDL with appropriate endorsements as required by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles for the class of vehicle(s) being operated.

When employed at the Onondaga County Water Authority

A valid CDL license with appropriate endorsements as required by New York State Department of Motor Vehicles for the class of vehicle being operated.


02/2000 Revised