(Labor class – all Civil Divisions)




The work involves responsibility for performing a wide variety of unskilled and semi-skilled manual tasks at a Parks and Recreation Department. The work involves light to heavy physical effort and is often performed under adverse weather conditions. This class is distinguished from that of Laborer I and II in that the depth and breadth of duties performed is much broader in scope and may include semi-skilled tasks in a number of trades areas, motor vehicle operations, tree removal, groundskeeping, building maintenance and custodial duties. In addition, the Park Laborer may act as a caretaker for a park facility and provide security for the property as well as assisting patrons of the facility by providing information, supplies and aid. Supervision is received from a Park Labor Crew Leader, Park

Superintendent or similar type class of supervisor. The employee usually works as a member of a crew and work assignments are reviewed while in progress and at their completion by the crew leader. Supervision is not normally exercised by an employee in this class. Does related work as required.




Performs routine groundskeeping work involving the mowing of park lawns using power and riding lawn mowers; trims bushes and shrubs using hand snippers; cuts down weeds and brush using grass whip or other hand tool; rakes up leaves and grass cuttings; polices park areas and removes litter, trash and other unsightly debris.

Participates in trash collection and disposal activities; drives dump trucks, stake rack truck or other vehicle to trash pickup sites; collects trash cans, transports them to collection vehicle and deposits trash in vehicle; drives collection vehicle to disposal area and deposits cargo.

Performs routine custodial duties at various park facilities such as bath houses, shelters, bathrooms and office buildings; sweeps and mops floors, cleans windows and fireplaces; picks up litter and debris and empties trash cans; refills paper towel and toilet tissue dispenser and replaces light bulbs.

Assists in the maintenance and repair of athletic fields; rakes and drags infield surface with hand tools or tractor pulled raking assembly; fills low spots and holes in the field with soil and tamps fill to conform with adjacent surfaces; repairs and rebuilds pitchers mound and home plate area by adding soil and shaping surface; marks field boundaries and playing areas with line.

Participates in tree cutting and removal activities; operates hand or powered saw in the felling of dead, diseased and damaged trees; tends guide ropes to direct tree fall to proper location; may operate tractor or small bulldozer to drag tree to a location accessible to truck; cuts tree into transportable sections using hand or chain saws and loads logs onto truck; may operate a dump truck, stake rack truck or similar vehicle in transporting logs to sawmill, work shop area or disposal site; splits logs for firewood using an ax.

Repairs damaged picnic tables; measures and cuts replacement lumber to size using power saw; fits replacement parts to table and fastens to framing using nut and bolt assembly; seals and paints new lumber and paints rest of table.

May operate various types of light motor equipment and motor vehicles in and outside of park property; operates dump trucks, stake rack trucks, pick up trucks, tractor, pay loader and small bulldozer in the collection of trash, obtaining of supplies and materials, transportation of gravel, fill material and equipment, snow removal and site excavation; may perform minor maintenance on equipment such as changing oil, tire repair and minor tune up.

May perform maintenance repair work on park buildings and facilities: paints interior and exterior surfaces with paint brush or roller; replaces broken window panes and secures to frame with glazing compound; replaces defective wall sockets and light fixtures, unplugs clogged drain pipes and toilets; repairs broken fireplace by re-cementing or replacing loose or broken blocks.

Acts as caretaker for park facilities on weekends and evenings; guards and cares for park property; assists patrons by giving directions, answers questions and supplying information about park facilities; regulates parking; turns on and off night lights for athletic fields and issues equipment available to patrons; maintains a head count of patrons in attendance; summons appropriate authorities in case of emergencies; regulates use of park shelters in accordance with reservations schedule; collects money for items available for sale such as fire wood and keeps simple records of the sale; keeps records of any unusual occurrences.

Performs specialized duties particular to the park area of assignment: operates back hoe and pick and shovel to dig graves and participates in burials of indigents; transports fish from fish hatchery in tank trucks, removes fish from tanks and releases them in local streams; assists in the installation and maintenance of dock facilities and positions and maintains buoys; participates in the setting up and taking down, maintenance and repair and construction of bleachers, participates in the various aspects of sawmill operations.




Working knowledge of the tools, materials, methods and practices common to buildings and ground maintenance and repair.

Skill in the manipulation of a variety of hand and power tools, simple machinery and light motor equipment.

Ability to understand and carry out verbal and written instructions.

Ability to deal courteously and tactfully with the public.

Physical strength and agility and freedom from disabling defects sufficient to perform light and heavy manual labor often under adverse weather conditions.




There are no minimum qualifications for this position.




When required to operate a motor vehicle, possession of a valid New York State Non-CDL or CDL, including any special endorsements, as required for the type of vehicle being operated.



4/98 Revised