The work involves responsibility for supervising skilled and semi‑skilled Maintenance Carpenters in a carpenter's shop and performs skilled work in the construction, maintenance and repair of wooden structures and equipment.

Under the general supervision of an administrative superior, an employee in this class does skilled carpentry work in accordance with the standard practices of the carpentry trade. Work assignments are received through oral and written instructions or blueprints and design sketches for desired projects. This work is constructing wooden structures, building and repairing equipment and making signs. Both power and hand tools are used in constructing, repairing and finishing tasks. Work is reviewed upon completion for quality of the craftsmanship and to be sure that the finished product meets the specifications outlined in the written order or the blueprint.

This employee exercises general supervision over a small number of Maintenance Carpenters, Maintenance Carpenters Helpers and any subordinate employees assigned to the carpenter's shop.

The Maintenance Carpenter Crew Leader assigns tasks to employees who possess sufficient skills to complete the work satisfactorily. The Crew Leader reviews their work by on the job inspections and at completion for quality and accuracy. Does related work as required.




Constructs and repairs wooden structures and equipment such as pole barns, storage sheds, picnic tables, benches, ticket booths for concessions, counters and stands.

Examines blueprints or sketches or, when only written or oral instructions are received, draws up a blueprint or sketch and decides what type of woods should be used for the project and what tools will be needed.

Lays out the foundation of a structure by measuring and marking the dimensions with string or stakes, checks ground to see if it is level and has it leveled if not, sets corner posts in cement, starts the foundation, verifies true ness of the structure with a plumb bob or carpenter's level, erects the framework, builds sides up, puts roof on; supervises the crew in doing the same by on the job inspections, offering suggestions and assisting them in the more difficult tasks.

Meets with organizations using the county parks for such events as the regatta and Scottish Games to discuss the number and types of wooden structures they require for their events.

Fabricates, sets up and tears down concession stands, counters, ticket booths, press boxes and dance platforms; supervises the crew in doing the same.

Makes wooden signs; draws a sketch of the sign, decides the length and width it should be and the size of letters, numerals or symbols to be used; selects the type of wood to be used, cuts it to desired size and smoothes the rough edges; operates a lettering machine to route letters, numerals and symbols by selecting a metal plate with characters varying in size from 1Q inches to 8 inches, places the plate and sign in the machine and manually traces the outline of the character or symbol on the plate as the machine routes the same on the sign; gives the sign to subordinate to the primed and painted.

Supervises the crew in mixing cement, makes sure the proper amounts of cement stone and sand are used; supervises and assists in the pouring of cement for foundations, water fountain bases, footing for signs and poles.

Supervises and assists the crew in performing maintenance and repair tasks for buildings such as repairing door and window frames, replacing broken glass and moldings, building and repairing stairs and wooden ramps.

Builds file cabinets, closets, cupboards, chairs, desks, tables; builds furniture like beds, chairs, kitchen and trestle tables, exhibit display cases and recreates wooden artifacts to be used in park's museums; draws sketches or blueprints if needed, selects wood, cuts wood using carpenter's hand tools and power tools and woodworking machines such as a circular saw, handsaw and jointer.

Prepares an annual budget for the carpenter shop by deciding the kinds and amount of materials needed and estimates the cost of materials such as wood, hardware, tools, lumber stain, asphalt, paint, linseed oil, turpentine, dryers and drying racks; submits the budget to an administrative superior; orders all materials needed on a day to day basis.

Meets with planning directors in parks to furnish information, offer suggestions and give time and cost estimates for projects that will require Maintenance Carpenters Assistance.

Supervises the crew in the carpenter shop by making sure the work area is kept clean and orderly, that tools and machines are being using properly, all tools are stored after use and kept secure from theft and employees are completing their assigned projects.




Thorough knowledge of the materials, methods, practices and tools of the carpentry trade.

Thorough knowledge of the qualities and uses of various woods.

Thorough knowledge of the occupational hazards and safety precautions of the trade.

Skill in the use of materials, tools and equipment used in the carpentry trade.

Ability to inspect lumber for grade and purity.

Ability to draw and work from sketches and plans and to understand oral and written instructions.

Ability to supervise subordinates in a manner conducive to full performance and high morale.

Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.




Four (4) years of work experience, or its part‑time equivalent in general carpentry work.


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