61380 (Non‑Competitive)




The work involves responsibility for performing skilled carpentry work in the construction, remodeling and repair of wooden structures and fixtures according to the accepted methods and tools of the carpentry trade. This is recurring work, which involves responsibility for completing rough and finish carpentry tasks which require the use of hand and power tools used in the trade. Supervision is received from a Maintenance Carpenter Crew Leader or a supervisory level employee responsible for maintenance. The supervisor assigns work to the employee by drawing sketches or diagrams for the employee, by allowing the employee to draw sketches or diagrams, or by supplying sketches, diagrams or blueprints drawn by others. The supervisor also assigns work by explaining the scope of assignments to the employee. Work is subject to review upon completion and through periodic on‑the‑job inspections. An employee in this class may exercise supervision over Maintenance Carpenter Helpers or other employees who lend assistance that calls for little or no carpentry skill. An employee in this class is distinguished from a Carpenter by the fact that the latter is assigned only to City of Syracuse departments or the Onondaga County Department of Facilities Management. Does related work as required.




Prepares layout for the work by reading sketches, diagrams, or blueprints; measuring proposed work with tape measures and squaring and making plumb the measured area with levels, squares and carpenters plumb.

Marks cutting lines on wooden materials with pencils or chalk boxes once the wood has been measured for the appropriate lengths with tape measure.

Shapes and cuts wooden materials with hand or power saws.

Constructs, remodels or repairs wooden structures such as buildings and sheds and constructs, remodels or repairs wooden fixtures such as frames and partitions by measuring, squaring, leveling, marking and cutting, and fastening wood using tools of the trade.

Constructs window frames, door frames, forms for poring cement, partitions, stud walls, benches, tables, chairs, stairs and so on by measuring, leveling, marking, cutting and fastening using tools of the trade.

Nails or fastens roofing, siding, sheathing, plasterboard, etc. to wooden structures using tools of the trade.

Uses hand tools of the trade to remove broken wooden pieces from wooden structures, fixtures and furnishings and then measures, cuts and fastens wood or pre‑cut wood to structures, fixtures and furnishings so that they are in usable condition.

Measures, cuts, and fastens finish paneling and molding to interiors of structures using tools of the trade.

Installs finish hardware by fastening locks, doorknobs, hinges, kick plates, etc. using tools of the trade.

Uses a variety of hand tools, such as hammers, saws, levels, squares, planes, chisels, miter boxes, staple guns, and uses a variety of power tools, such as drills, saber saws, circular saws, routers, jointers, lathes, sanders, and mortises.

Fastens wooden pieces with a variety of nails, screws, and staples.

Inspects lumber and other materials for size, grade, and quality.

Makes measurements to estimate size and quantity of materials needed. When Assigned to Syracuse Housing Authority

Maintains records, which relate to maintenance or repair work performed.

May be required to transport materials between job sites.




Good knowledge of methods, tools and materials of the carpentry trade.

Good knowledge of the occupational hazards and safety precautions of the carpentry trade.

Skill in the use of tools and materials used in the carpentry trade.

Ability to inspect lumber for grade and quality.

Ability to read and understand sketches, diagrams and blueprints.

Ability to follow oral instructions pertaining to carpentry assignments.

Ability to inspect work of helpers to make sure their assigned tasks are performed properly.

Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.



Two (2) years of full time work experience, or it's part time equivalent, in residential or commercial contract carpentry work.


When assigned to the Syracuse Housing Authority possession of a valid New York State Drivers License issued by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles at time of appointment.


9/97 Revised