PAINTER                         61130




   The work involves responsibility for performing skilled work in the preparation and painting of a variety of interior and exterior surfaces.  Under supervision, an employee in this class performs journey level painting work in preparing surfaces and applying coats of paint, varnish and other finishes and stains to decorate and protect interior or exterior surfaces and fixtures of buildings, structures, furniture, equipment and materials.  Paint is applied to surfaces with brush, roller or spray gun and the duties are occasionally hazardous in nature involving working from scaffolding and ladders.  Assignments are received orally or in the form of written job orders, and the work is reviewed by a Painter Crew Leader or other supervisor while in progress and upon completion.  Supervision may be exercised over a small number of semi-skilled or unskilled subordinate employees.  Does related work as required. 




   Erects scaffolding, swing stages or ladders as necessary.

   Prepares surfaces for painting using a variety of tools and materials including sandpaper, brushes, or steel wool, and when required removed paint using paint remover, blow touch, wire brush or scraper.

Fills nail holes and repairs cracks, joints or holes with putty, plaster or other filler.

   Prepares new sheetrock walls or walls repaired with sheetrock for painting by filling and sanding joints, seams and nail/screw holes.

   Prepares pre-mixed paints or prepares paint to match specified colors by mixing the required portions of pigment, oils and thinner.

   Applies paint to surfaces using brush, spray gun, paint roller or mittens and applies varnish, shellac and stains as necessary.

   May cover interior wall surfaces with wall paper or similar covering:  measures wall space to compute amount of material required; prepares and cleans surfaces and cuts wall covering to proper lengths; mixes paste and applies to wall covering; applies wall covering to wall.

   May instruct and supervise subordinate employees in the use of tools and materials of the trade. 

   Cleans brushes and spray gun and makes minor repairs to equipment and apparatus.

   May perform a variety of other works closely related to painting:  performs minor carpentry and wood work when needed; waxes and polishes floors.




   Thorough knowledge of methods, materials, tools and practices of the painting trade.

   Thorough knowledge of the characteristics of common types of paints and finishes from the standpoint of durability, suitability for different purposes, and ease of handling and application.

   Good knowledge of the occupational hazards and safety precautions of the work.

   Skill in the use and care of spray guns, paint brushes and other equipment of the painting trade.

   Skill in the mixing of paints and the mixing and matching of colors.

   Ability to stand for long periods of time, to climb and to work at considerable heights and on scaffolding.

   Ability to understand and carry out written and verbal instruction.

   Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.


When employed by Onondaga County

   May be required to work at any location owned by the county.




   Four (4) years of full time experience under a journey level painter which provided training equivalent to that given in an apprenticeship program.  Apprenticeship training in the painting trade, or training gained by the completion of technical courses in the painting trade at a school, institute or branch of the Armed Services may be substituted for the above training and experience on a year for year basis.



When required to operate a motor vehicle, possession of a valid New York State Non-CDL or CDL, including any special endorsements, as required for the type of vehicle being operated.


3/2022 Revised