The work involves responsibility for supervising the work of crews engaged in the maintenance and repair of equipment and appurtenances found in wastewater pumping stations. An employee in this class schedules personnel for all work, inspects work in program and upon completion, directs emergency repairs, and maintains records of maintenance performed, hours spent on maintenance and cost of maintenance. There are several distinctions between the works of this class and supervisory and crew leader classes responsible for sewer, streams, and wastewater treatment plant maintenance: (a) the work of this class exposes incumbents to maintenance and repair problems which demand timely resolution because, unlike wastewater treatment plants, there are no back-up systems in pump stations to provide for wastewater pumping; if the stations' equipment cannot be repaired, the wastewater spills into homes, streams or onto land; (b) the work of this class exposes incumbents to problems involving skills and abilities applicable to mechanical maintenance and repair methods, whereas the work of the aforementioned specialized plant maintenance classes is limited to the specialty of that class, i.e., mechanical or electrical/ instrumentation maintenance and repair; (c) the work of this class required incumbents to maintain and repair a variety of equipment not utilized in wastewater treatment plants such as submersible and portable trash pumps, combination vacuum and high velocity cleaners, wastewater force mains and ancillary equipment, and a variety of alarms, and meters and controls. Therefore, the class required well developed skills in a range of maintenance and repair techniques applicable to specialized equipment found only in pump stations, where no back-up systems exist thus necessitating efficient servicing.

An employee in this class works under the general supervision of the Sewer Maintenance Superintendent who allows leeway for independent action in carrying out details of the work. The Pump Station Maintenance Supervisor exercises direct supervision over a number of subordinate Pump Station Maintenance Workers I and II. Does related work as required.




Schedules all preventive maintenance work required by wastewater pumping stations and assigns specific tasks.

Reviews work in progress and upon completion to insure work is carried out effectively and safely, in accordance with established procedure, and with minimal disruption to the public; assists and advises crews in the conduct of routine tasks and may plan and direct emergency maintenance activities that involve loss of service or property damage.

Insures that vehicles, equipment and facilities are clean and operational at all times.

Prepares regular reports pertaining to cost of wastewater pumping station operations and maintenance, equipment and supply requests, hours worked, and performance evaluation and discipline, and so on.

Reviews plans for new wastewater pumping stations and inspects new stations before assuming ownership and/or responsibility.

Conducts training for personnel in the area of safety, equipment use, and maintenance procedures as related to wastewater pumping station maintenance and repair.

Works with maintenance personnel of other work groups to facilitate the coordination of wastewater pump station maintenance work.

















Thorough knowledge of methods, tools, and equipment used in the maintenance and repair of wastewater pump stations and the equipment used therein.

Thorough knowledge of safety precautions and hazards involved in pump station maintenance work.

Good knowledge of principles and practices of supervision.

Good knowledge of principles and practices of work scheduling.

Skill in the use of tools and maintenance and repair work.

Ability to lead in wastewater pump station maintenance and repair work.

Ability to read and interpret wastewater pump station plans, blueprints, charts and operation and maintenance manuals.

Ability to use tools and maintenance equipment to service and repair wastewater pump stations.

Ability to supervise in a manner conducive to full performance and high morale.

Ability to train subordinates in practices related to wastewater pump station maintenance.

Ability to prepare simple reports.

Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.






One (1) year of permanent competitive class status as an Instrumentation Crew Leader, Maintenance Electrician Crew Leader, Wastewater Treatment Plant Maintenance Crew Leader or Sewer Maintenance Crew Leader.


Open Competitive:


A) Four (4) years of work experience, or its part-time equivalent, in the maintenance and repair of wastewater pump station equipment; or,

B) Four (4) years of work experience, or its part-time equivalent, in the maintenance and repair of mechanical, electrical, or instrumentation equipment, two (2) years of which must have been in a supervisory capacity in a wastewater treatment facility; or,

C) An equivalent combination of training and experience as defined by the limits of (A) and (B).



3/08 Revised