The work involves responsibility for performing tree trimming, tree care and tree removal activities. This is recurring work which involves climbing trees or using a bucketlift to fell diseased, damaged or dead trees or tree limbs which pose hazards to life or property. The work can be hazardous, and can occur on the ground, in trees or in a bucket lift in all weather conditions. Primary activities are the trimming and removal of trees, but may also include tree planting and other tree-care, activities, such as, but not limited to, cabling and bracing. The employee receives assignments from the Tree Trimmer Crew Leader in the form of written and verbal work orders, which indicate in detail the nature and location of the assignment(s). Work is reviewed by a review of work orders completed and/or an on‑site inspection by the Tree Trimmer Crew Leader. The Tree Trimmer II may supervise a Tree Trimmer I by on‑site observation, and trains through demonstration when necessary. Does related work as required.




Uses hand saws or gasoline powered chain saws to trim diseased, damaged, dead or live limbs that post hazards to life or property, and to shape growing trees.

Rigs rope to tree limbs or trunks, tying off at ground level to relieve pressure when cutting limbs or trunks.

Stacks logs or limbs of trees into piles or onto a truck; May use a gas powered chain saw to cut limbs into smaller pieces for easier stacking.

Performs tree care activities such as cutting off dead and damaged bark and brushing a chemical solution on exposed trunks and limbs to seal in sap and prevent insect infestation.

Assists with driving, backing, parking and dumping duties.

Participates in all job site safety meetings.

Participates in all safety training sessions offered.

Utilizes and maintains all appropriate personal protective equipment and company gear.

Drives a truck to the job site.




Thorough knowledge of, and the ability to safely remove and trim, trees in a bucket truck using proper rigging methods and equipment in potentially hazardous situations, such as the public right-of-way and near power lines, residences and other infrastructure.

Good knowledge of tree species commonly planted in cities and parks and their growth habits, hardness of wood, susceptibility to pests or disease and maintenance needs.

Good knowledge of the dangers associated with electrical hazards.

Proficiency in all aspects of ground, aerial and log loader operations.

Skill in the use, inspection and minor maintenance of handsaws, gasoline powered chain saws and other equipment used.

Skill in the use of ropes and proper rigging techniques.

Ability to identify the trees and shrubs in service areas.

Ability to demonstrate and practice proper tree and shrub pruning and removal.

Ability to learn, understand and adhere to all safety rules and safety policies.

Ability to read, understand and follow written instructions.

Ability to follow oral instructions.

Ability to communicate and interact well with crew members and crew leaders.

Ability to drive a truck to the job site.




Three (3) years of full-time work experience, or its part-time equivalent, as a Qualified Line-Certified Tree Trimmer performing trimming and removing of trees both on the ground and in an aerial lift, which included operation of the aerial lift and use of rigging within ten feet of an electrical conductor or energized electrical line.




1. Upon appointment, must obtain certification as a Qualified Line-Certified Tree Trimmer per standards outlined in OSHA 1910.269. Must maintain certification throughout length of employment.

2. Possession of a valid Class A or Class B Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) with appropriate endorsements as required by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles for the class of vehicle(s) being operated.


04/2014 Revised