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The work involves responsibility for planting, cultivating, and caring for a variety of plants and shrubs. Under the general supervision of the Greenhouse Superintendent, an employee in this class performs skilled tasks in propagating and caring for a variety of common and exotic plants, flowers, and shrubs for the City of Syracuse Department of Parks and Recreation. The work is performed at the City Greenhouse and at a number of park sites in the city. An employee in this class ensures the effective utilization of greenhouse and flower bed space, follows planting, transplanting, and cutting schedules, and cares for plants to maintain growth and inhibit diseases and pests. An employee in this class does not perform experiments or investigations to develop new or improved strains of plants.

An employee in this class receives assignments in simple oral or written form from the Greenhouse Superintendent who plans and assigns work. An employee in this class, when assigned as part of a crew of skilled and unskilled workers, is under the direct supervision of the Greenhouse Crew Leader. The latter leads and participates in gardening tasks assigned by the Greenhouse Superintendent and reviews work through personal observation. An employee in this class exercises no supervision.




Mixes soils with bulky materials, such as peat moss or sphagnum. moss, to provide roughage for root systems and to give absorbency air to the mix.

Pots plants by hand according to the proper method to provide for drainage, to discourage pot bound plants, and to promote growth.

Plants seeds, bulbs, and seedlings in beds by following proper methods to foster the growth of annuals and perennials.

Cultivates plants by pruning, pinching, dividing, cutting and layering plants.

Applies water, food and fertilizer to floral plants to provide nourishment.

May diagnose plant diseases, such as scale, drying leaves, or browning, yellowing wilting leaves, and may diagnose plant pets such as aphids, mites, mealy bugs by identifying symptoms of diseases or pests and by applying commercial or hand made remedies.

May use a mechanically powered tiller to turn over soil.

Cuts grass with a power mower, edges grass around trees, walks, and flower beds with hand tools; and, rakes leaves, flowers, branches, and other matter from gardens.

Pulls weeds from garden by hand or by using hand tools.

Uses a variety of hand tools, such as clippers, scoops and rakes, in performing gardening tasks.




Good knowledge of methods, tools, seeds, bulbs, plants, foods, soils, and sprays used in commercial gardening.

Working knowledge of plant diseases and pests inclusive of methods and materials used to inhibit same.

Skill in applying plant propagation and cultivation techniques.

Ability to follow simple oral and written instructions pertaining to greenhouse and gardening assignments.

Ability to use a variety of hand and power tools, such as clippers, scoops, rakes, power mowers, and roto‑tillers.

Ability to organize greenhouse and gardening work.

Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.




One (1) year, or its part-time equivalent, of work experience and/or post secondary training in landscape, forest or nursery planting or maintenance.


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