The work involves responsibility for providing informational services to the public regarding the services and operations of the Department of Transportation and to receive and follow-up on all complaints and service requests. An employee in this class receives and processes complaints, requests for service, problems, referrals and questions over the telephone, in person and by mail from the general public, other municipalities, and elected officials. An employee in this class also provides informational services to the public regarding the functions, operations and projects carried out by the Department of Transportation. General supervision is received from an administrative superior. Work is carried out independently with latitude for the exercise of initiative and independent judgement. An employee in this class exercises general supervision over Motor Equipment Dispatchers. Does related work as required.




Receives all accident and complaint calls regarding personal or property damage, poor road conditions, inadequate services or any action or negligence by the Department of Transportation.

Gathers all needed information from the caller, requiring use of calm, controlled interrogation in cases of angry or upset persons; determines whether call is an emergency or routine matter, and decides on the appropriate department procedure to be followed.

Checks other sources of information to obtain all needed facts pertaining to accidents and complaints.

Makes calls to property owners relative to complaints of property damage, inadequate service and poor road conditions.

Disposes of complaints by informing appropriate supervisors in Engineering or in the Highway Maintenance Facilities of situations needing action; follows up on the satisfactory resolution of complaints and files reports on all complaints as to final outcome.

Refers all accident investigations to the department's Safety Officer, Law Department and Risk Management for field investigation and follow through.

Maintains thorough records on all complaints taken and investigative work performed; maintains follow-up files on current complaints; prepares reports as directed.

Provides information over the telephone and in person regarding the location,

functions and current work projects of the Department of Transportation.

Informs the public of the activities of the department and safety issues for motorists and department employees through news releases to the press, the Auto Club, and other groups, such as notices on road closings, reminders about danger of children playing in snowbanks, or information about how to avoid having your mailbox damaged.

Initiates new ways of educating and communicating with the public regarding the department's mission and activities in order to improve the image of the department; may recommend changes in work methods or operations in order to improve the services provided to the public or to improve relations with the public.

Supervises Motor Equipment Dispatchers with regard to complaint calls, requests for services and customer service.

Trains Motor Equipment Dispatchers in use of two-way radio, telephone techniques, department policies and procedures related to handling of customer calls, and use of computer applications related to service requests and tracking of requests and complaints.

Performs clerical work incidental to the job, such as using a two-way radio or personal computer; enters data into PC data base used for tracking complaints and service requests and for problem management.


-2- 60215





Good knowledge of the operations and functions of the various units in the Department of Transportation.

Good knowledge of the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Laws.

Good knowledge of the principles and practices of highway safety.

Good knowledge of the principles and practices of supervision.

Working knowledge of general office procedures on clerical techniques, including use of a personal computer.

Ability to meet and deal with the public effectively.

Ability to obtain information through interviews.

Ability to express oneself clearly and concisely, orally and in writing.

Ability to prepare written materials designed to educate, inform and motivate the public.

Ability to interpret and apply laws, codes, regulations and department policies in a variety of situations.

Ability to recognize emergency as opposed to routine situations and to react appropriately to the situation.

Ability to control phone conversations with distraught or angry callers through calm, carefully directed interrogation.

Ability to use good judgement, tact and courtesy in responding to the public and elected officials on the phone or in person.

Ability to train and supervise employees in a manner conducive to full performance and high morale.

Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.





Two (2) years of permanent non-competitive class status as a Motor Equipment Dispatcher.



Two (2) years of work experience, or its part-time equivalent, in the disposition of complaints which requires the verification of information through interviews or review of documents or submission of reports.



01/98 Date of Original Composition