GUARD 60090






The work involves responsibility for the protection of public buildings or grounds or property from harm, theft, vandalism, illegal entry, or other unlawful activity or equipment failure. A guard performs routine security duties to deter, observe, detect and/or report incidents in order to prevent unlawful or unauthorized activity or to protect public property, buildings, equipment, etc. The work typically includes patrolling public buildings and grounds at night when the facilities are closed for business, unoccupied or closed to the public. An employee in this class does not exercise supervision. Does related work as required.




Walks through public buildings or grounds on a regular or scheduled basis to detect fire, theft, vandalism, illegal entry, equipment failures or any suspicious findings to protect the property from threat, harm or theft.

Reports any and all suspicious activity or illegal activity on an immediate basis as required in an emergency.

Closes or locks doors, windows or fire doors according to prescribed routines, to deter criminal activity or accidental loss.

Examines doors, windows, gates and locks to determine their security.

Watches for and reports irregularities to designated personnel.

Gives directions or answers questions for visitors to assist them in locating their destination or informing them of pertinent information.

Questions people who appear to be loitering to determine their reasons for their presence; may order those without legitimate purpose to leave the premises.

May make rounds and punch a clock or register at watch stations to record times of inspection trips.

May assist in crowd control at special events.



Working knowledge of standard security guard functions.

Ability to learn guard routes and routines.

Ability to walk and stand for long periods of time.

Ability to learn the layout of assigned facilities and the locations of checkpoints.

Ability to follow oral and written instructions.

Ability to recognize breaches of security and obvious maintenance problems which impact on security of facilities.

Ability to relate to visitors in simple spoken exchanges of information.

Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.





NOTE: Candidates must meet the requirements as set forth under New York State Law for Security Guards and overseen by the New York State Department of State.


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