The work involves responsibility for acting as counsel to the Onondaga County District Attorney under his/her supervision in carrying out specific legal duties pursuant to Section 478 and 484 of the New York State Judiciary Law. Under the general supervision of the District Attorney or one of his/her duly appointed assistants, an employee in this class carries out specific legal duties. Section 478 and 484 of Judiciary Law permit the Onondaga County District Attorney to apply to the Appellate Division, Fourth Department, to appoint a person who is awaiting the results of his/her Bar Examination and who has not been notified that he/she has failed two (2) such examinations, to act as an Assistant District Attorney by arguing motions, trying local criminal court matters, participating in calendar practice and preparing appeals. Work is assigned by the District Attorney or a Senior Assistant District Attorney with legal guidance provided as necessary. Considerable leeway is given for the exercise of independent and sound professional judgement. The exercise of supervision is not a function of this class.

This position is distinguished from an Assistant District Attorney (ADA) in that the Criminal Law Associate has not yet been admitted to the New York State Bar Association and can perform only those legal duties as specified by the Appellate Division, whereas an ADA has been admitted to the Bar and can perform all the legal duties of any attorney or counselor‑at‑law in New York State. The position is similar to that of an ADA in that the individual acts officially on behalf of the District Attorney in legal matters. Does related work as required.





Prepares and argues motions and appeals from the local and superior criminal courts.

Prepares and tries criminal cases in local criminal courts.

Participates in calendar practice in local and superior criminal courts.

Advises town and village justices and peace officers on the law.

Researches the law in preparation of criminal cases.





Good knowledge of New York State Criminal Law.

Good knowledge of the techniques normally employed in preparing legal memoranda, conducting legal research and analyzing legal problems.

Working knowledge of the functions of the District Attorney's Office.

Working knowledge of investigative and interviewing techniques.

Working knowledge of court trial and administrative hearing procedures.

Skill in the presentation of criminal cases before the courts.

Ability to organize factual and legal data into clear and logical sequence.

Ability to analyze legal issues and identify significant case opinions and facts.

Ability to communicate legal opinions and information clearly and succinctly in both oral and written form.

Ability to interpret law, rule and regulation.

Ability to apply specific techniques of gathering information and presenting it in the proper manner.

Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.





Graduation from a regionally accredited or New York State registered college or university with a degree in Law (J.D. or LL.B). Candidates must have taken or applied to take the New York State Bar Examination for admission to practice as an attorney or counselor-at-law, must not have been notified by the Board of Law Examiners that they have failed to pass two (2) such examinations and must be qualified to act on behalf of the District Attorney in criminal matters pursuant to Section 478 and 484 of the New York State Judiciary Law.


1/90 Revised