The work involves responsibility for managing, planning, organizing and directing the administration function of the Onondaga County Department of Emergency Communications 9-1-1 Communications Control Center.  The administrative function involves responsibility for financial management, budget preparation and monitoring, preparing and implementing staff training programs, personnel administration, physical plant maintenance, inventory control and insuring compliance with Federal and State laws regarding criminal history information, compliance with FCC rules and regulations, new project development and quality assurance of 911 telephone data bases and other computerized support systems for taking and dispatching calls.  Work is performed under the general supervision of the Commissioner of Emergency Communications.  This position requires significant interaction with the Commissioner of Emergency Communications and Deputy Commissioner of Emergency Communications (Operations), as well as other departments within the County public safety community and the general public.  Both general and direct supervision is exercised over related department staff.  Work performed is often highly sensitive and confidential in nature.  An employee in this class may assume the duties and responsibilities of the Commissioner of Emergency Communications in his/her absence.  Does related work as required.



             Manages, plans and directs the personnel and activities of Radio and Technical Services and technical software and hardware for the 911 Center.

             Assesses the existing management and administrative operations of the CCC.

             Coordinates management and administration of the center with other departments within the municipality, public safety and related agencies.

             Establishes quality control to ensure citizen complaints are investigated and properly resolved.

             Establishes and maintains uniform management and administrative operations, methods and procedures for all aspects of center operations.

             Collaborates with Center leaders to monitor and maintain facilities, and takes remedial action where required to ensure the safety of employees and visitors.

             Ensures compliance with established rules, regulations and procedures.

             Exercises general and direct supervision over the Center staff responsible for management and technical administration.

             Oversees the fiscal operation of the CCC including appropriations, capital and special accounting programs.

             Leads work groups and/or major system design and implementation projects.

             Maintains liaison with other County departments including Personnel, Law, Employee Relations and public safety agencies.

             Conducts confidential internal investigations regarding allegations of staff misconduct.

             Prepares responses for staff grievance hearings.

             Prepares regular and special reports as required or as directed by the Commissioner.

             May assume the duties and responsibilities of the Commissioner in his/her absence.



             Thorough knowledge of modern emergency communication practices and procedures, especially those relating to management, administration, technical and support services of a CCC.

             Thorough knowledge of the principles and methods of management, administration and supervision.

             Thorough knowledge of Center policy, procedures, and objectives.

             Thorough knowledge of the laws, regulations and statutes relating to the management and administration of an emergency communications system and laws relating to emergency communications.

             Thorough knowledge of budgetary procedures and the ability to develop an annual operating budget.

             Good knowledge of the functions and methods of related agencies and institutions within the municipality as they relate to the management of the CCC, such as Department of Audit and Control, Division of Management and Budget, Division of Purchase, Department of Law, Department of Personnel and Division of Labor Relations.

             Good knowledge of personnel practices and labor relations procedures, including contractual regulations and compliance as related to employees of the CCC.

             Ability to conduct internal investigations and take remedial action.

             Ability to plan, organize and direct the management and administrative operations of the CCC including the fiscal, training, GIS/GEO computer support, security, technical support and maintenance areas.

             Ability to serve as Chief Fiscal Officer for a CCC and supervise and direct fiscal staff.

             Ability to evaluate subordinate staff in the performance of their prescribed duties and take remedial action where appropriate.          







04/21 Revised