This class is responsible for the custody, treatment, and training of inmates confined in a correctional facility. Also provides technical assistance and guidance to lower ranking officers and may supervise a group of these officers. Work is normally performed under the supervision of a Correction Sergeant or Correction Lieutenant who makes assignments and reviews work through personal observation. This position requires a significant amount of interaction with the Correction Sergeant, peers and subordinates. Does related work as required.




Utilizing the principles of direct supervision, supervises, counsels, and instructs inmates.

Conducts complete searches of inmate's person.

Supervises, inspects and conducts searches of inmates' living quarters and common areas.

Observes and prepares oral and written reports regarding any unusual behavior including infractions of rules and regulations.

Oversees inmate visits.

Prepares oral and written progress reports pertaining to work habits and general behavior of inmates.

Issues orders to subordinate personnel assigned.

Continually observes subordinate staff in the performance of their duties for compliance of orders, regulations, standards and proper procedures.

Provides feedback to superiors to assist in the evaluation of lower ranking officers.

As appropriate, may serve on an assigned watch as an Officer In Charge, Housing Unit Control Center Officer, or Housing Unit Section Officer.

May be assigned to special post positions, including but not limited to the Main Control Center, Rear Control Center, Perimeter Security, and Maintenance Unit or receive other special assignments as appropriate.

Supervises, assists, and performs duties, as appropriate, while conducting inmate counts, ensuring that proper procedures are followed in a timely, accurate manner.

Admits authorized persons to the institution.

Transports inmates on trips outside the institution.

May supervise inmates during off site work or treatment periods or during court appearances.

Required to work a significant amount of overtime throughout the year.

Provides technical assistance and guidance to lower ranking officers in the performance of their duties.

May supervise a group of correction officers and correction officer trainees.




Good knowledge of Departmental policies, procedures, standards, goals and objectives.

Understanding of modern correctional practices and institutional security procedures.

Ability to understand the purpose and the method of discipline required at a correctional facility.

Ability to direct and control inmates individually and in groups.

Ability to utilize security equipment and instruct others in its use.

Ability to follow oral and written instructions.

Ability to periodically supervise other employees.

Ability to prepare and communicate clear, concise written and oral reports.

Ability to establish and maintain a positive working relationship with peers, supervisors and the general public.

Ability to communicate instructions regarding security and operations to lower ranking officers.

Ability to maintain vigilance and awareness of inmates' whereabouts at all times.

Ability to work significant amounts of overtime.

Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.




Two (2) years of permanent competitive class status as a Correction Officer.

Driver's License: Candidates must possess a valid New York State Driver's license.



7/2014 Revised