The work involves responsibility for performing entry level professional work in the field of probation. An employee in this class provides evaluation, conducts investigations and supervises individuals placed on probation by the courts. The employee must apply modern social work techniques in making evaluations of adults or juveniles and in supervising persons on probation. Assignments are received as cases from the Probation Supervisor or higher level professional and reviewed through conference and narrative status reports on the probationer’s re-adjustment in a guided environment. Supervision is exercised over Trainees, paraprofessionals and clerical support staff. Does related work as required.


Obtains and analyzes social and legal data and prepares reports in relations to matters pending in the courts concerning persons awaiting disposition by the courts.

Interprets conditions of sentence to persons placed under probation supervision, supervises such individuals by ascertaining compliance with conditions of probation, and counsels and assists them in problems related to compliance and to the maintenance of lawful behavior in the community.

Prepares progress reports on persons under supervision and periodically reviews case histories to determine degree of adjustment.

Prepares violation reports and testifies at delinquency hearings.

Establishes and maintains contact with other social and law enforcement agencies and cooperates with them in matters of mutual interest.

Helps to maintain a variety of records utilized by the Probation Office.

Assists in supervision of Probation Officer Trainees, Probation Assistants, and volunteers.

May be assigned to an intake unit to evaluate matters for adjustment at the intake level or to perform supervision of persons in lieu of court action.

May carry a firearm on some assignments.

May be required to operate a personal computer to complete reports.


Good knowledge of social casework and probation principles, practices and techniques, including interviewing, investigation, supervision, recordkeeping and case reporting.

Good knowledge of the laws and regulations covering probation.

Good knowledge of laws pertaining to probation work and functions and procedures of Family and Criminal courts.

Good knowledge of the habits, attitude and behavior patterns of delinquent persons.

Good knowledge of factors related to crime and delinquency.

Good judgment in dealing with people.

Ability to analyze and evaluate data and to prepare reports

Ability to inspire confidence and respect of individuals on probation

Ability to work cooperatively and effectively with others.

Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.


A. Graduation from a regionally accredited college or university or one accredited by the New York State Board of regents to grant degrees with a Bachelor’s Degree and two (2) years of counseling or casework in a recognized agency adhering to accepted standards in probation, parole, social services, psychology or medical social work, or a closely related field; or,

B. Graduation from a regionally accredited college or university or one accredited by the New York State Board of Regents to grant degrees with a Master's degree in Social Work, Education, Administration, Law, Sociology, Psychology, Criminology or a closely related field.


NOTE: Employees in this position will be required to successfully complete the NYS requirements for firearms training. At the discretion of the Commissioner of Probation, assignment to certain job duties will necessitate carrying a firearm in the execution of duties, while for certain other job duties the carrying of a firearm will be an option.


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