The work involves responsibility for performing various duties relating to the investigation and supervision of court assigned individuals for a local probation agency while participating in a continuous in-service training program. The trainee level is used to recruit into the Probation Officer field, college graduates with a career interest in probation. Trainees receive on-the-job training while performing duties of a limited professional nature under close and continuing supervision from a higher level employee. Permanent trainee appointments are for a maximum period of one year, following which incumbents receiving satisfactory ratings will be advanced to the title of Probation Officer without further examination. This class differs from that of a Probation Trainee only in the need to be bilingual in English and Spanish. Does related work as required.




Assists in the collection and analysis of social and legal history data, and in the preparation of investigation reports concerning cases pending in the courts.

Helps to supervise probationers by counseling and otherwise assisting them to maintain lawful behavior in the community.

Helps to maintain appropriate case records of persons under probation supervision.

Makes home visits and other community contacts to assist in monitoring and adherence to conditions of probation.

Helps to establish and maintain contact with persons and organizations in the community that may provide necessary resources for individuals serviced by the agency.

Attends on-the-job and special training sessions and participates in conferences and regular staff meetings.

Studies and reviews literature and other appropriate materials related to probation, criminal justice, and social work to systematically acquire essential knowledge of profession.

May assist in counseling of persons under court order to pay family support when referred by collection unit.

May carry a firearm on some assignments.

May be required to operate a personal computer to complete reports.




Some knowledge of social sciences, including sociology, psychology and economics.

Some knowledge of social service programs and other community resources.

Some knowledge of factors related to crime and delinquency.

Good judgement in dealing with people.

Ability to understand, interpret and prepare written material.

Ability to speak, read and write fluently in both Spanish and English.

Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.




Graduation from a regionally accredited or New York State College or University with a Baccalaureate Degree, which must have included thirty (30) semester credit hours in social or behavioral sciences. (There is no substitution for the minimum qualifications).

NOTE: The social sciences are those sciences concerned with humans living in relation to other humans in a social environment and includes course study in psychology, sociology, anthropology, economics, and history, political science, geography. Education is NOT included in the social sciences. Behavioral science is a sub-set of social sciences psychology, sociology, and anthropology.



Candidates must be able to read, write and converse fluently in Spanish and English.


NOTE: Employees in this position will be required to successfully complete the NYS requirements for firearms training. At the discretion of the Commissioner of Probation, assignment to certain job duties will necessitate carrying a firearm in the execution of duties, while for certain other job duties the carrying of a firearm will be an option.


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