The work involves responsibility for the organization and planning of environmental projects, studies, reports and plans for a municipality. The position provides direct assistance to individuals and private, non-profit, and public organizations in answering requests for environmental information within the municipality. A high level of interpersonal skill and diplomacy is required of an Environmental Planner since the position may advise and facilitate the work of a wide range of public interest groups. The Environmental Planner may be responsible for supervising the work of hired interns as well as the contractual work of consultants hired to perform work under various environmental programs. Does related work as required.


In the Town of Dewitt, work will be performed under the general supervision, and in collaboration with, the Commissioner of Development and Operations. The Environmental Planner will serve as the primary staff liaison to the Town of DeWitt Advisory Conservation Commission.




Reviews site plans and environmental impact statements, and provides professional advice on environmental impacts (in conformance with State, especially SEQRA and General Municipal Law Section 239, federal, and local laws);

Encourages inter-agency cooperation with other departments, municipalities, and public/private/nonprofit officials by working to develop and implement plans related to environmental and comprehensive land use planning;

Serves as the primary project manager for environmental and sustainability initiatives including the development of detailed site plans and/or graphic representations for proposed projects;

Makes both formal and informal presentations to advise, recommend and inform citizen advisory boards and municipality public officials on environmental and land use programs and issues;

Assists with Comprehensive Plan implementation and development of ordinances related to environmental planning;

Serves as the environmental resources contact person for the Planning and Zoning Department by responding to requests for environmental and land use information/complaints about environmental problems from the public, community organizations, and municipality officials;

Supervises the contractual work performed by consultants and contractors in support of the municipality and committee environmental and sustainability initiatives;

Supervises hired interns to work on environmentally related projects;

Prepares grant applications to private/public/nonprofit funding agencies for environmental programs, and administers the implementation of these various grant programs.




Thorough knowledge of landscape strategies for protecting natural resources, including site design and stormwater management.

Thorough knowledge of natural resource policy and environmental planning principles and practices, including techniques associated with substantive analyses of environmental issues;

Good interpersonal and communications skills to work effectively with the general public, advisory boards, department heads, legislators, and local officials on issues that are frequently highly contentious;

Good understanding of design, research and implementation factors in environmental and land use issues facing communities;

Ability to interpret a wide range of maps and aerial photography, as well as some knowledge of Geographical

Information Systems to analyze data;

Ability to develop and maintain good public and professional relations, work under tight deadlines, and display good professional and rational judgment in dealing with controversy;

Ability to prepare and supervise contracts between the municipality and contractors implementing natural resource

programs on behalf of the municipality;

Ability to use word processing, spreadsheet, database, GIS or high precision mapping, Graphic Design, and CAD computer software,;

Ability to interpret and evaluate scientific and policy related reports, federal, state, and local environmental regulations and statutes; and

Ability to prepare concise, well constructed oral and written communications








(a) Graduation from a regionally accredited or New York State registered college or university with a Masters of Science in natural resources, planning, landscape architecture, or related field AND one year full-time paid (or the equivalent part-time and/or volunteer) experience in areas of federal, state or local governmental environmental planning, or nonprofit or private sector environmental impact analysis/environmental design; OR


(b) Graduation from a regionally accredited or New York State registered four year college with a Bachelor of Science in natural resources, environmental planning, environmental studies, landscape architecture, or related field AND three years full-time paid (or the equivalent part-time and/or volunteer) experience in areas of federal, state or local governmental environmental planning, nonprofit or private sector environmental impact analysis/environmental design; OR


(c) Any equivalent combination of training and experience as described in (a) and (b) above.


SPECIAL REQUIREMENT: Possession of valid New York State driver's license within 30 days of appointment.




Date Written: March 2017