Supervises and participates in the firefighting, fire prevention and EMS activities of the Dewitt Fire District. Under the direct supervision of the Fire Chief or Deputy Fire Chief of the Dewitt Fire Department, an employee in this class directs and participates in the activities of the paid firefighters, firefighter/EMTS and firehouse caretakers in the performance of fire station, fire prevention and EMS duties as defined in the labor contract and job description. At the scene of a fire or other emergency, the employee directs the activities of paid and volunteer firefighters and EMS personnel until relieved by a superior officer. Direct supervision is exercised over a small number of firefighter and firefighter/EMT subordinates. All general work assignments are received from a superior officer who reviews work performance through inspection and review of reports. Does related works as required.




Firefighting Duties


Directs and participates in the work of firefighters at the scene of fires or

other emergencies by positioning apparatus, laying out and connecting hose lines

and nozzles, and ventilating buildings.

Assesses all the conditions at the scene of a fire and, if warranted broadcasts a call for assistance to the Onondaga County Fire Control Center.

Inspects buildings after a fire has been controlled to prevent reignition.

Directs and participates in salvage and clean-up activities.

Supervises and participates in checking, cleaning and replacing tools and equipment after fires.

Writes a narrative incident report of all fire activities.


EMS Duties


Maintains a minimum of EMT-2 certification.

Administers first aid or emergency medical procedures to persons injured or ill at the scene of fires, accidents or other emergencies.

Directs or participates in checking, replacing drugs and equipment after EMS alarms.

Directs and participates in the work of firefighters/EMT's and volunteer EMT's at the scene of medical emergencies.

Writes a narrative incident report of all EMS activities.


Firehouse Activities


Inspects equipment, grounds and building to insure proper order, conditions and security.

Assigns duties to firefighters and firefighter/EMT's and participates in the

maintenance of firefighting and EMS apparatus and equipment.

Assigns duties and supervises the work of firehouse caretakers in the cleaning and maintenance of the fire station and grounds.

Inventories maintenance materials and supplies and requisitions replacements.

Performs a variety of cleaning and maintenance tasks on the fire station, grounds and equipment.

Prepares written reports of personnel, equipment and activities as directed.

Trains and drills firefighters, firefighter EMT's and teaches technical fire fighting as well as EMS procedures and updates.


Inspection Duties


Inspects buildings and premises within the protected area for fire hazards.

Prepares written inspection reports for review by the fire chief.

Conducts fire prevention and public relations activities as directed by the fire chief.
















Thorough knowledge of first aid methods and emergency medical procedures.

Good knowledge of modern firefighting and fire prevention practices.

Good knowledge of the Town of Dewitt Fire Prevention Code.

Good knowledge of the principles and methods of supervision.

Ability to recognize common fire hazards and the corrective action required.

Ability to supervise and effectively command in emergencies a number of subordinates.

Ability to train subordinates in modern firefighting and medical procedures.






Two (2) years of permanent competitive class status as a Fire Lieutenant (DeWitt).


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