The work involves responsibility for leading and participating in the enforcement of State and County laws written to preserve the public order and prevent destruction of property that is owned by Onondaga County and operated by the Department of Parks and Recreation. The applicable state laws are Penal Law, Vehicle and Traffic Law, and Conservation Law, the latter regulating snowmobile use and hunting, fishing, and trapping activity. The applicable county law is Local Law #2, 1965, which regulates park use and prescribes a variety of punitive measures for those who break this law.

The scope of the law enforcement activity is patrol of county lands, investigation of criminal and non-criminal incidents, power to arrest and to issue traffic tickets, and to lend back up assistance to other law enforcement agencies. An employee in this class is a peace officer whose law enforcement authority does extend beyond park property, where such authority is exercised discretely by the individual ranger or through policy statements issued by the Park Ranger II or from an administrative member of the department.

An employee in this class is a peace officer as defined by section 1.20 of the Criminal Procedure Law. However, an employee in this class is not a Police Officer as defined by Criminal Procedure Law.

Under the general supervision of an administrative superior, an employee in this class is responsible for overseeing a number of Park Rangers I through assignment of tasks, supervision of assignments, issuance of special orders, submission of budget needs and management of budget items, responsibility for vehicles and equipment, and recommending candidates suitable for employment as Park Rangers I. Does related work as required.




Schedules tours of duty for Park Rangers I, issues special orders for daily patrol and special assignments through briefings or written bulletins, and reviews work of Park Rangers I through briefings and reading report forms.

Confers with departmental, law enforcement agencies, and sponsors of events held in park property to plan security, traffic flow and crowd control measures.

Manages the budget for the Park Ranger force which was drawn up by administrative staff; that is, expends funds allotted for the following purposes, which may apply to the operation of the Park Ranger force: Seasonal personnel costs; books, office supplies and materials; food, household and medical supplies; automotive supplies and materials; miscellaneous supplies and materials; maintenance and repair items; rents; and miscellaneous expenses.

Interviews and makes offers of employment for seasonal and permanent positions subject to the approval of appropriate administrative staff members.

Trains Park Rangers I in law enforcement and public relations tasks.

Compiles and submits to administrative staff lists of needs in personnel, supplies and equipment.

Patrols county park property to ensure that people obey appropriate state and county laws relative to public order in parklands.

Patrols county park property to look for damage, vandalism, trail and road obstruction, sign and boundary posting, safety hazards, etc.

Responds to violations of applicable laws within Onondaga County Parks through personal observation, notification from other employees or the public via radio dispatch.

Makes criminal investigations, where criminal offenses occur, by inspecting physical scene, collecting physical evidence, interviewing witnesses and recording their statements; logs information and fills out standard law enforcement information forms.

Makes arrests and issues traffic tickets based upon legal procedures governing these actions.

Responds to non-criminal activity, such as personal injuries, missing people, or stranded motorists, and renders appropriate service; logs the information pertaining to assistance rendered; and fills out standard law enforcement information forms.

May perform first aid techniques as needed.

Participates in crowd control at special park events by directing traffic, answering questions of the public, and observing suspicious activity and responding to that activity to quell disturbances, ordering people to cease activity, etc.

Performs a variety of miscellaneous tasks such as opening and closing parks, transporting personnel and property.

Reads bulletins, reports and other matter pertinent to law enforcement activities.

Interacts with park visitors in a positive public relations manner answering questions, providing information related to recreation opportunities and available facilities; may distribute informational literature to the public related to the County Parks System.




Good knowledge of the appropriate state and local laws which pertain to public order and preservation of park property.

Good knowledge of law enforcement methods and procedures.

Good knowledge of park rules and regulations.

Good knowledge of the principles and practices of supervision.

Working knowledge of first aid techniques.

Skill in applying law enforcement techniques such as patrolling, investigating and observing activity.

Ability to plan and supervise work in a manner conducive to full performance and high morale.

Ability to manage funds budgeted for the operation of the Park Ranger force.

Ability to identify particular needs to operate Park Ranger force through oral presentations and narrative reports.

Ability to read and understand written material.

Ability to follow oral instructions given in briefings and ability to follow written instructions such as schedules, bulletins and reports.

Ability to express oneself clearly orally as in giving testimony or making a briefing to supervisor and ability to express oneself clearly in writing, as in logging information and in filling out standard law enforcement information forms.

Ability to interact with the public in positive, non-confrontational situations in a manner conducive to promoting the County Parks System in a positive, supportive manner.

Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.




Two (2) years of work experience, or its part-time equivalent, in law enforcement such as a Police Officer, Deputy Sheriff or State Trooper.




Successful completion of the basic in-service training program for Peace Officer at time of appointment.

Possession of a valid operator's license issued by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles at time of appointment.

Eligibility for a pistol permit issued by the County of Onondaga at time of appointment.


1/97 Revised