The work involves assisting in the direction of overall operations of the Onondaga County Sheriffs Office Custody Department and the Onondaga County Justice Center. Under the general direction of the Deputy Sheriff Chief (Custody), an employee in this class is responsible for assisting in the overall facility that houses people whose cases the City, County, Supreme or Family Court have yet to dispose. An employee in this class is to assist in the administration of inmate custodial functions of the Justice Center pursuant to the Constitution and Laws of the State of New York.

General direction is exercised overt Deputy Sheriff Captain (Custody) and subordinate staff in the nature of insuring policy and procedures are carried out regarding operations and security pertaining to the Justice Center.

As second in command, an employee in this class exercises supervision directly and indirectly over a large number of Deputy Sheriffs (Custody), a substantial number of Deputy Sheriff Sergeants (Custody) a number of Deputy Sheriff Lieutenants (Custody), a number of Deputy Sheriff Captains (Custody), and a number of supportive administrative and program staff.

This is administrative work which involves responsibility for insuring that the Justice Center and various sections are operated in such a manner so as to meet the objectives of a maximum security holding facility as well as comply with the laws, rules, and regulations, which pertain to the health, welfare and security of both inmates and employees. In carrying out this responsibility, an employee in this class must develop policy and procedures relative to the operational needs of the justice Center that are consistent with the Minimum Standards as promulgated by the New York State Commission of Correction. Further, to assist in personnel evaluations and appraise overall management problems of various aspects in justice Center operations. Additionally, filling in for the Deputy Sheriff Chief (Custody) during his absence for purposes of operational supervision. Additional work will involve investigation of internal problems, confronting staff and inmate grievances. Contact and maintenance of close liaison with various social, criminal justice and rehabilitative agencies to ensure proper levels of communication are maintained between all interested parties. Does related work as required.




Assists the Chief Custody Deputy in Correction Laws and Codes, Rules, Regulations of the Commission are complied with in operating the Onondaga County Justice Center by evaluating or modifying existing Custody Department procedures or methods by writing same where none had existed or when necessary delegating subordinate staff. Ensures that the facility operates consistent with the principles and dynamics of direct supervision.


Evaluates existing operations and procedures to determine whether overall operations can be improved;‑ receives from various subordinates staff input for purposes of internal evaluations for optimization of resources regarding manpower; resolves inmate problems to include but not limited to, fights, riots, strikes and grievances.


Orders Deputy Sheriff Captain to deploy sufficient number of appropriately ranked Deputy Sheriff (Custody) personnel to provide adequate security for inmates.


May meet with representatives of Justice Center visitation and prisoner rights groups to discuss problems, grievances, or allegations pertaining to Justice Center operations which these groups bring or which inmates ask these groups to bring on their behalf.


Oversees subordinates Deputy Sheriffs investigating disciplinary problems and imposing disciplinary measures to inmates or Onondaga County Sheriff's Office personnel.


May interview candidates for appointment as Deputy Sheriff and makes recommendations to the appointing authority as to acceptable candidates.


May participate in the discipline and/or termination of employees by conducting investigations and gathering information to substantiate or refute allegations of employee wrongdoing, which call for discipline or dismissal.


Communicates orally and in writing with state and local judges and justices, district attorney staff, defense counsel, and law enforcement officers relative to inmates' legal proceedings when requested by the Deputy Sheriff Chief (Custody).


Write various narrative and numerical reports relative to the operation of the Justice Center, which deal with such topics as inmate population and cost of operation.





Comprehensive knowledge of departmental policies and procedures pertaining to security, operations, processes, treatment and programs at a county jail.


Comprehensive knowledge of the techniques of inmate supervision.


Thorough knowledge of correction, criminal and other laws, codes and regulations related to the operation of a county jail.


Thorough knowledge of administrative procedures related to the operation of a county jail.


Working knowledge of the Mental Hygiene Law.


Ability to read and understand a variety of written or oral instructions pertaining to policy of the justice Center operation.


Ability to apply written instructions such as codes, regulations, and policies to actual circumstances.


Ability to supervise subordinates in a manner conducive to full performance and high morale.


Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.






One (1) year of permanent competitive class status as a Deputy Sheriff Captain (Custody); or,

Three (3) years of permanent competitive class status as a Deputy Sheriff Lieutenant (Custody).


Open Competitive:


A. Three (3) years of work experience, or its part-time equivalent, as a Chief of Police or Police Captain; or,


B. Three (3) years of administrative level work experience, or its part time equivalent, in a recognized law enforcement agency or corrections agency, which must have involved planning, resource allocation, program evaluation and policy formulation.


C. An equivalent combination of experience as defined by the limits of A and B above.


04/02 Date of Original Composition