The work involves responsibility for the overall administration, management and operation of the Onondaga County Justice Center, a maximum security holding facility. Under the direction of the Sheriff and the Undersheriff, an employee in this class is required to conduct sound managerial and administrative activities, pursuant to the Constitution and Laws of New York State, in the effective, efficient and responsive operation of a maximum security facility housing recently arrested, pre sentenced persons, awaiting assignment to or transferring between Federal and State penal institutions. Work is received through conference and written directives, allowing for considerable latitude in its implementation consistent with current policies, procedures, rules, regulations, laws and standards as promulgated by the Sheriff, State Correction Commissioner and applicable agencies of the Federal government. Performance is reviewed through conference, written report submission and observation. Supervision is administered indirectly to all sworn and civilian personnel within the Division and directly to a number of sworn subordinates through the rank of Captain. Evaluations of direct subordinates are conducted through conference and observation of individual performance. Does related work as required.




Initiates, reviews, recommends, installs and modifies local policies, rules, regulations and procedures impacting upon the effective and efficient operation of the Justice Center; ensures Correction Law and Codes, Rules and Regulations of the Commission are complied with in the facilities operation.

May order staff to deploy sufficient number of appropriately ranked Deputy Sheriff (Custody) personnel to provide adequate security for inmates.

May read daily inmate population sheets to determine if any inmates are being illegally held; orders release of inmates illegally detained.

Orders that a clear chain of command and open lines of communication exists.

Periodically meet with representative of facility visitation and inmate rights groups to discuss problems, grievances, or allegations pertaining to the facility.

Ensures that newly hired personnel receive basic training and that veteran personnel receive supplementary training by ordering deputies to arrange for basic training or develop in house training courses; receives written reports composed by instructors to verify each deputy's training.

Chairs panel of subordinate Deputy Sheriff officers which investigates disciplinary problems and metes out disciplinary measures to inmates or deputy sheriff personnel based upon findings submitted by subordinate personnel.

Identifies needs of the facility in the areas of equipment, supplies and personnel; writes reports justifying needs; submits same to Sheriff.

Interviews candidates for appointment as Deputy Sheriff (Custody) and makes recommendations to the appointing authority as to acceptable candidates.

Participates in the termination of employees by gathering information to substantiate or rebuke allegations of employee wrongdoing which call for dismissal.

Communicates orally and in writing with state and local judges and justices, district attorney staff, defense counsel, and law enforcement officers relative to inmates' legal proceedings when requested by the Sheriff.




Comprehensive knowledge of departmental policies, procedures and Code of Ethics pertaining to the security of a county holding facility.

Comprehensive knowledge of the techniques of inmate supervision.

Thorough knowledge of correction, criminal and other laws, codes, and regulations related to the operation of a maximum security county holding facility.

Thorough knowledge of administrative procedures related to the operation of a county holding facility.

Some knowledge of the Mental Hygiene Law.

Ability to read and understand a variety of written and oral instructions pertaining to the policy of the holding facilities operation.




Ability to apply written instructions such as codes, regulations and policies to actual circumstances.

Ability to use a computer.

Ability to supervise subordinates in a manner conducive to full performance and high morale.

Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.




As an Exempt class appointment under Civil Service, the Sheriff may make a personal appointment to the position. Such appointee serves at the pleasure of the Sheriff.


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