The work involves responsibility for the supervision of subordinate Deputy Sheriffs and inmates, on an assigned watch or special unit, within the Custody Division, to ensure that rules and regulations are followed and interaction exists with inmates housed in a maximum security holding facility. The work requires implementing and applying standard security procedures, including assurance of staff compliance with policies, procedures, rules and regulations of the Justice Center. Employees in this class exercise responsibility for participating in inmate supervision through surveillance of and interaction with inmates on the resolution of their problems, complaints and inquiries which subordinate Deputy Sheriffs are unable to resolve.

Employees at this level, routinely investigate incidents of inmate misconduct, rule and law violation and coordinate reporting of such incidences by subordinate Deputy Sheriffs, processing written internal charges and/or forwarding information for criminal investigation. The employee is the first line evaluator of subordinate sworn personnel work activity, requiring continued interaction to insure their awareness of the policies, procedures, rules and regulations for consistent application to the inmate population.

The employee receives assignments both orally and in writing from a Deputy Sheriff Lieutenant (Custody) or superior officer, allowing for latitude in its implementation and resolution. Performance is reviewed through observation, submission of written oral and electronic reports to supervisors and may involve participation in staff meetings for the purpose of research and development of methodology to improve the operation of the Division. Does related work as required.




Assigns Deputy Sheriff (Custody) personnel to various Custody Division functions such as housing supervisor, control center operation, program/service security, booking, prisoner transportation, inmate classification, orientation and other related activities.

May develop daily watch and unit schedules assigning subordinate personnel to various posts within the Division.

Makes rounds of assigned locations, such as housing pods, program areas, court rooms or other areas, to determine if inmates are safe and secure, personnel are patrolling or manning their post according to departmental procedures, and that security systems are functioning.

Supervises the delivery of services such as meals and laundry.

Required to work a significant amount of overtime throughout the year.

Listens to inmate problems, complaints, and inquiries or requests for special privileges that are unresolved by subordinate Deputy Sheriffs.

Communicates with subordinate personnel to insure correct inmate count and that keys and other Center property is accounted for.

Trains, reinforces and instructs subordinates in areas such as, effective communication skills, security procedures, rules, regulations and other areas of the Justice Center's operation.

Composes written narrative reports, to higher ranking officers, regarding problems of an unusual nature, by describing the facts of the incident, the course of action taken by personnel involved and rationale supporting the action.

May be involved in various administrative functions such as budget preparation, civilian support supervision, inmate grievance and disciplinary hearings, coordinate and instruct recruit training supervision.

May perform all duties of subordinates.






Good knowledge of correction law and codes, rules and regulations related to the operation of a maximum security, county holding facility.

Good knowledge of departmental policies and procedures pertaining to security of a county holding facility and Code of Ethics.

Good knowledge of the techniques of inmate supervision.

Ability to read and understand a variety of written instructions.

Ability to apply written instructions, such as codes, regulations and policies to a variety of actual circumstances.

Ability to supervise subordinates in a manner conducive to full performance and high morale.

Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing.

Ability to evaluate subordinate performance and take immediate and long term corrections where required.

Ability to read a variety of written and/or electronic logs and data, determining any inconsistencies with policy and procedures.

Ability to work significant amounts of overtime.

Ability to use a computer.

Ability to exercise sound judgment in all instances based upon knowledge/training gained during employee sponsored training programs, minimizing potential harm to inmates, the general public and oneself.

Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.




Three (3) years of permanent competitive class status in the title of Deputy Sheriff (Custody) or Deputy Sheriff (Custody - Spanish Speaking).



03/2006 Revised