This is a sworn security support position which facilitates the operation of the Onondaga County Justice Center.  The employee will support custody staff members in carrying out the responsibilities of the operation of a maximum security holding facility.  Although the position works within a secured setting, it is not required to perform as a Deputy Sheriff (Custody) in the maintaining of security of the facility.  It will function in several support areas such as Justice Center, Civic Center and County Office Building lobby control, Booking and Records, Property Control and related support services Assignments are received both verbally and in writing from a Deputy Sheriff Sergeant (Custody) allowing for little to no interpretation in carrying out orders.  Work is reviewed through observation and feed back from personnel who interact with the function. A Deputy Sheriff Community Service Officer shall not take any police action and when confronted with disorderly, abusive, or threatening person (s), or when confronted with unfamiliar situations or situations that have the potential to escalate to violence, the employee shall immediately contact a Deputy Sheriff (Custody).  This class does not exercise supervision.   Does related work as required.




Depending upon the area of assignment may perform any of the following:

Respond to questions from the public about relatives and friends housed in the center, gives appropriate directions.

Advise public on rules and regulations of the center. Screens packages and persons for possible contraband through the use of metal detector.

Operates phone console, responding to questions and transferring calls to appropriate individuals.

Checks ID's of inmate visitors; log visitors name into a computer system conducting a warrants check of the visitor.

Files incident reports on those activities requiring them.

Uses two-way radio for emergency and non-emergency communications.

Responds to questions from the public about the operations of the Department of Social Services and other department operations in the Civic Center and County Office Building.

Required to work a significant amount of overtime throughout the year.

Assist in maintaining decorum of the areas of the Department of Social Services, the Civic Center and the County Office Building.

Assist in building evacuation in the event of fire or other emergency situations.

Acts as relief at the information desk in the Civic Center. This involves giving out directions, answering the phone and dispatching information by use of a two-way radio.

Uses two-way radio for emergency and non-emergency communications.

Enter inmates criminal, correctional and demographic information into the automated booking system.

Inspects incoming property and secures it in the appropriate area.

Files reports on incidents that occur in Booking and Record area.

Files inmate records.

Answers telephone inquiries as to inmate status.

Required to work a significant amount of overtime throughout the year.

May accept bails in the event that the cashier is not available.

May be required to check and secure weapons.

May be required to make bank deposits with bail/inmate funds.

May be required to deliver documents and/or property to/fund the Correctional Facility, local courts or other governmental offices.




Working knowledge of business arithmetic.

Working knowledge of office procedures and practices.

Ability to deal effectively with disruptive persons or situations.

Ability to communicate both verbally and in writing.

Ability to use a computer

Ability to complete a basic course of instruction in applicable laws and procedures.

Ability to learn and adhere to prescribed procedures.

Ability to establish good working relationships and rapport with the public.

Ability to adhere to the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics.

Ability to work overtime.





One (1) year of full-time work experience, or its part-time equivalent, which must have included face-to-face contact with customers or the public.



11/2021 Revised