The work involves responsibility for performing fingerprinting and photography on individuals as part of a criminal history check, an application process, or as required pursuant to local law or regular normal procedure of the department. Fingerprint checks on individuals may be required as a function of law enforcement procedures, such as gun permits, background checks or other usual functions wherein a check is required. Paperwork is completed to process documents or applications. The work entails performing standard procedure with on‑site instructions and procedures thoroughly explained or documented. Training and instructions are provided on the job until expertise in fingerprinting technique is acquired. It is critical that correct procedures are followed and that the print is legible. Supervision is received from a senior clerical staff member. Supervision of other staff is not a function of this position. Does related work as required.




Reviews written application(s) for accuracy of information, legibility of information and verification of identification by independent means.

Ensures that the fingerprints obtained from the individual are in the proper format as prescribed.

Ensures that proper forms are used, depending on the type of application or procedure.

Takes photograph using an automated identification camera utilized for proper identification.

Ensures that fingerprints and photographs are properly prepared for transmission for appropriate checks.

Completes entries into and maintains an electronic database of all persons fingerprinted and their respective clearance statuses.

Communicates regularly with program supervisors and others, in relation to background clearance statuses.

Communicates regularly with school staff regarding access control privilege requests.

Issues photographic identification cards and assigns electronic access privileges in accordance with existing procedures.

Maintains an electronic database of all photographic identification cards issued, and access profile changes.

May perform some non‑skilled routine typing and filing tasks as needed.





Working knowledge of laws relating to application procedures.

Working knowledge of computer database applications.

Ability to acquire a skill in fingerprinting techniques.

Ability to use an automated identification print camera and produce pictures which are usable.

Ability to maintain files as necessary.

Ability to obtain a legible set of fingerprints.





  1. Graduation with an Associate’s Degree from a regionally accredited college or university or one accredited by the New York State Board of Regents to grant degrees; or,

  2. Two (2) years of clerical work experience, or its part time equivalent, involving the performance of routine office tasks, such as keeping of records and accounts, researching records, correspondence, recording/entering and retrieving data and or information.



7/2015 Revised