The work involves responsibility for performing non-judicial services for the courts of Onondaga County as well as for trial justices and judges who preside over these courts. Under the direct supervision of judicial officers and/or higher ranking Deputy Sheriffs, an employee in this class expedites legal proceedings in Supreme, County, Family and Surrogate's Courts of Onondaga County by performing non-judicial remedies, the scope of which is as follows: maintaining decorum in courtrooms and judges' chambers; expediting a flow of willing and able citizens to serve as jurors, and once juries have been drawn, escorting jurors to and from court and preventing access to jurors when the latter are not in court; and providing information to the public about legal proceedings.

An employee in this class receives assignments in the form of posted job assignments written by a Deputy Sheriff supervisor. Individual trial justices and judges give oral instructions to their assigned Court Attendants. Assignments are reviewed through personal observations by judges or their assigned subordinates, such as Court Clerks. An employee in this class exercises no supervision. Does related work as required.





Ensures sufficient numbers of people to serve as jurors by filling out forms to able and excused jurors; by showing a film depicting jury service; drawing the number of jurors requested by the courts; remaining with drawn jurors to prevent prejudicial access; filling out and submitting to the Commissioner of Jurors forms that list such information as juror payroll and mileage, time served as juror, etc.

Maintains decorum in courtrooms and judges' chambers by opening courtroom doors, turning on lights; inspecting premises for foreign objects; arranging courtroom furniture; and, placing legal materials on judges' bench.

Administers oaths during legal proceedings; acts as crier to open and close legal proceedings; and, takes legal materials and exhibits from attorneys and brings same to judges.

Takes messages for judges and attorneys; takes legal books and documents from law library and brings same to judges and brings legal materials to court offices.

Gives information to the public concerning locations, times, and types of legal proceedings that are scheduled in the courthouse.





Working knowledge of court procedures and decorum.

Ability to deal with disruptive visitors.

Ability to read and write.

Ability to follow oral and written instructions pertaining to the nature of job assignments.

Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.





Citizenship: At time of appointment, candidates must be citizens of the United States.


Conviction: Conviction of a felony or of any offense in any other jurisdiction, which if committed in this State would constitute a felony, will bar appointment. Conviction of a misdemeanor or of any offense in any other jurisdiction which if committed in this state would constitute a misdemeanor may bar appointment.


Residency: Candidates must have resided in Onondaga County for not less than one (1) month immediately preceding the date of examination and continue residency within the county during service.