(Non‑Competitive – in School Districts only)





The work involves responsibility for establishing and maintaining lines of communication between students of different cultural backgrounds, their parents, school administrators, and teachers in order to accomplish the goals of meeting special educational and culturally related academic needs. An employee in this class ensures the academic success of students by providing guidance, assistance and instruction, without compromising their cultural identity. The work involves the application of social service techniques and the exercise of judgment in evaluating facts and making recommendations. Considerable leeway is allowed for the exercise of independent judgment in planning and executing assigned tasks. Does related work as required.




Interviews persons seeking assistance.

Assists persons in the solution of personal, family finance, and other problems.

Assists teachers and others in developing an awareness of the needs of students.

Communicates regularly with parents and famiies of students.

Contacts various agencies, such as the Social Services Department, Health Department and clinics,

Police Department, Probation Department, Courts and Hospitals, to provide necessary aid.

Cooperates with various agencies in dealing with non‑English speaking people.

Fills out and types naturalization applications, income tax returns and various other government forms.

Acts as interpreter for non‑English speaking people.

Assists in youth group work.

Prepares case records and periodic reports.


In addition, when Assigned to the LaFayette School District:

Supervises students at Longhouse Ceremonies.

Verifies permission slips of all students attending Longhouse Ceremonies.

Coordinates requests from outside agencies requesting Native American student participation.

Coordinates with Onondaga Nation School regarding BRIDGES Program.

Works to provide cross-cultural opportunities to students in the LaFayette School District.

Assists teachers by identifying and utilizing resources of the Native American community.

Communicates regularly with the Onondaga Nation Council of Chiefs and Clan Mothers.

Ensures transportation requests are confirmed with the Director of Transportation for Longhouse schedule and other events.




Good knowledge of and ability in the use of the English language.

Working knowledge of case work methods.

Working knowledge of laws and regulations pertaining to public welfare and assistance.

Ability to read, write, speak and interpret the foreign language required for the position.

Ability to establish and maintain harmonious relationships with others.

Ability to speak and write in a clear and concise manner.


MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Two (2) years of work experience, or its part time equivalent, in work where the duties involve meeting and dealing with public or specific groups of individuals or students.



SPECIAL NECESSARY REQUIREMENT: Ability to read, write, speak and interpret the foreign language required for the position.




1/2012 Revised