The work involves responsibility for assisting the manager by performing a variety of tasks related to facility operation. Under general supervision, an employee in this class performs a dual role. When the manager is absent, the assistant is responsible for directing all activities involving use of the water as well as pool decks or beaches and locker rooms surrounding a public swimming facility. Emphasis is twofold: safety of public patrons and staff, therefore complete responsibility for enforcing rules and regulations must be assumed by this employee; and, facility cleanliness and maintenance. When the manager is on duty, the assistant performs lifeguarding and facility maintenance duties, as well as any other special tasks assigned by the manager. Changes in rules and regulations or making arrangements for new programs are received at staff meetings and are discussed, planned and implemented by the facility manager and the assistant. Supervision is exercised over total staff of lifeguards working at the pool or beach. Does related work as required. This position is non-competitive when part-time and/or seasonal.






Performs all duties of Swimming Facility Manager in latter's absence, including attendance at staff meetings with Aquatics Director or Recreation Supervisor.

Acts as a mediator between manager and lifeguards to resolve professional or personal problems which may become deterrents to operation of the facility.

Directs and actively participates in water safety, lifeguarding, enforcing safety rules and removing hazards from the swimming deck or beach areas.

Teaches learn-to-swim and swimming lessons for special programs; attends all scheduled events at pool or lake to insure conformance to safety rules and regulations.

Schedules staff, maintains timesheets and may conduct training sessions for staff when facility manager is unable to participate.

Prepares mid-season and end of season evaluations of lifeguarding staff; discusses with facility manager before submission to administration.

Makes recommendations to manager regarding re-employment for the next season.

Prepares reports on program effectiveness and public participation for review by facility manager.

Makes recommendations to manager for changes in facility operation, stressing positive and negative aspects of all programs and activities.

Takes either regular assignment in lifeguards' chair or acts as replacement when understaffing occurs due to illness or absence.






Good knowledge of water rescue methods and first aid techniques.

Good knowledge of swimming hazards and safety precautions.

Ability to coach or supervise special swimming and diving events when scheduled at the facility.

Ability to teach swimming and all methods of lifeguarding and resuscitation.

Ability to plan, assign and supervise the work of subordinates in a manner conducive to full performance and high morale.

Ability to enforce rules and regulations with firmness and tact.

Ability to supervise and coordinate lifeguard and volunteers during rescue operation if it occurs in a natural water facility.

Ability to keep accurate records, prepare statistical reports and timesheets.

Ability to deal with the public in a respectful and courteous manner.

Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.

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Six (6) months or two (2) seasons of full time paid work experience as a lifeguard, a teacher of swimming or lifeguarding or as a swimming coach.






  1. Possession of a current Lifeguard Training Certificate from the American Red Cross or equivalent certificates from the YMCA or other certifying agency; and,


B) Possession of a current CPR for Professional Rescuer Certificate from the American Red Cross or other equivalent certifying agency on the basis of standards approved by the New York State Commissioner of Health.



When assigned to the City of Syracuse Department of Parks and Recreation:


Possession of the American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor Certificate or equivalent certificate from the YMCA or other certifying agency.


When assigned to the County of Onondaga Department of Parks and Recreation:


Possession of the American Red Cross Water Front Lifeguarding Certificate.



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