The work involves responsibility for planning, directing and supervising the scheduling and maintenance of golf courses and clubhouses for the City of Syracuse Department of Parks and Recreation. An employee in this class schedules and oversees all maintenance and usage of golf course facilities. The incumbent also has responsibility for developing and implementing instructional and recreational golf programs. Under the general supervision of an administrative superior, an employee in this class is allowed considerable leeway in carrying out the responsibilities of the daily operation and maintenance of the golf program including golf courses and clubhouses. General supervision is exercised over the golf programming staff and over employees involved in the maintenance and repair of golf courses and clubhouses. Certain assignments made to employees in this class will require reasonable access to transportation to meet field work requirements made in the ordinary course of business in a timely and efficient manner. Does related work as required.




Develops and implements instructional and recreational golf programs for youth, senior citizens, intergenerational, disabled, troubled youth and other special groups; develops year-round program adapted to recreation and senior centers.


Supervises maintenance and repair tasks to maintain the condition and appearance of golf courses and clubhouses.


Coordinates security as it relates to facilities, grounds and equipment.


Schedules and oversees all usage of golf course facilities.


Coordinates, organizes and promotes tournaments, special events and clinics; serves as a resource to players interested in regional, state and national tournament play.


Initiates and maintains positive relations with various professional golfing organizations such as the PGA, USGA and NGFAA.


Schedules and supervises subordinate employees in the maintenance of equipment, golf courses and clubhouses and employees in the golf program.


Assists administrative staff by recommending staffing structure and needs.


Recommends appropriate equipment to players; oversees equipment repair service.


Recommends materials, supplies and equipment needed for golf course operation and maintenance.


Maintains records and accounts relative to golf course activities.




Good knowledge of the principles, techniques and etiquette of the game of golf.


Good knowledge of the rules and regulations of the game of golf and golf course equipment.


Good knowledge of the methods and principles of golf course maintenance.


Working knowledge of public relations.


Working knowledge of the principles and practices of supervision.


Skill in the game of golf and in the use of golf course equipment.


Ability to develop and implement golf programs.


Ability to coordinate, organize and promote special events.


Ability to plan, schedule and supervise the work of subordinate employees.


Ability to establish and maintain favorable public relations with groups and individuals


Ability to communicate orally relative to program instruction.


Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.





Four (4) years of work experience, or its part‑time equivalent, in a golfing instructional program or golf course management.


10/00 Date of Review