The work involves responsibility for planning and coordinating research projects concerning all youth service programs connected with community service agencies and municipalities involving the Syracuse Onondaga County Youth Bureau. The project data and results are used for the purpose of drawing appropriate conclusions for determining funding priorities and coordination techniques as they relate to meeting the objectives of a youth services program. An employee in this class provides factual, evaluative and fiscal information needed for effective direction of youth programs. Responsibility also includes providing fiscal assistance through writing grant requests and providing recommendations on financial administration activities. General supervision is received from the Assistant Director and exercised over a Program Evaluation Assistant. Does related work as required.




Plans, organizes and directs research projects involved in youth services which includes providing research methodology to a variety of data gathering projects used in providing pertinent, factual material for the development of youth programs.

Collects and processes data such as agency statistics and records, on‑site investigations, discussions with operating officials etc.

Assists in the administration of the budget and financial activities of the Youth Bureau.

Conducts research and assists in the development, writing, and submission of grant applications as well as assisting in the preparation of budgets.

Plans, coordinates and oversees research and statistical analysis for the Youth Bureau.

Administers the planning process for youth services by conducting needs assessment, data collection, identification of community resources and services for the development of priorities, objectives and strategies for delivery of services to youth.

Identifies actual or potential problem areas, trends, program accomplishments, and similar factors by analyzing and comparing data.

Keeps abreast of new and changing sources of funding relating to youth programs.




Good knowledge of agency programs, goals and objectives.

Good knowledge of community agencies, facilities and services for youth in Syracuse and Onondaga County, including local municipalities, private and public organizations and area schools.

Good knowledge of sources and availability of data relevant to a program area.

Good knowledge of data collection techniques, research methodology and standard statistical methods utilized in program research operations.

Working knowledge of fiscal processes.

Ability to convey specific factual and analytical information in oral and written reports.

Ability to form and lead groups in efforts of problem resolution.

Ability to establish interpersonal relationships.

Ability to organize and evaluate data.

Ability to supervise a small number of personnel.

Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.




Open Competitive:


A. Graduation from a regionally accredited or New York State registered college or university with a master's degree in public administration, statistics, research analysis or a closely related field and two (2) years of professional level work experience, or its part time equivalent, in research or planning or implementation and evaluation of programs designed to serve the public; or,


B. Graduation from a regionally accredited or New York State registered college or university with a baccalaureate degree and three (3) years of professional level work experience as described in (A) above; or,


C. Seven (7) years of paraprofessional or professional level work experience, or its part‑time equivalent, three (3) years of which must have been in a professional level capacity as defined in (A) above; or,


D. An equivalent combination of training and experience as defined by the limits of (A), (B) and (C) above.


5/87 Revised