The work involves responsibility for coordinating a variety of social, recreational and educational activities for a senior citizen population in a town or village or within the City of Syracuse, as well as planning and implementing needed programs and promoting cooperative relations with community organizations which provide services to the elderly. The major emphasis of the position is to provide varied programs that meet the wide range of interests of a senior citizen population and providing opportunities for seniors to participate in stimulating and rewarding leisure time activities. An employee in this classification maintains contact and acts as liaison with a large number of community groups, clubs and local elderly service or governmental human service organizations which provide assistance to, or services for, the elderly. The incumbent is also responsible for scheduling, promoting and publicizing each program or activity and to maintain records of financial payments and expenditures made for program functions, inclusive of equipment, supplies and personnel.


Program activities are usually sponsored through the City recreation department, a town or village community recreation program, with the typical work site being the Benderson Senior Citizen Center for the City of Syracuse or in church halls. Parish centers or similar accessible facility for the elderly or in a senior citizen center. General direction may be received from a Board of Directors or Commissioner of Parks & Recreation in the case of a senior citizens center facility or from a Town Board which provides philosophical and procedural direction. General supervision is received from an administrative superior who advises on matters of programming or policy. The incumbent is allowed leeway for the exercise of independent judgment and initiative in developing, implementing and coordinating the varied activities which are specifically programmed towards enhancing and enriching the lives of elderly participants. Supervision is not a critical function of this classification but the incumbent may be assigned to supervise a small number of clerical, maintenance and volunteer personnel. The incumbent is not required to have a knowledge of first aid practices and techniques, but is expected to be aware of community emergency service organizations to contact in case of accident or emergency. Some participation in the evening hours and on weekends may be required. Does related work as required.




Plans leisure time activities for senior citizens by assessing recreational, social and educational needs and desires as well as special needs of their age group.

Consults and confers with interest groups, recreational department staff, advisory groups or a planning committee of senior citizens to insure implementation or adoption of programs which will enhance and enrich the lives of participants by fostering self-esteem and companionship through structural activity.

Organizes and implements leisure time activities by scheduling events, reserving facilities, arranging for presentations by guest speakers, organizing field trips, etc., which are consistent with the needs and interests of senior citizens within the community.

Plans and organizes typical recreation programs and adapts them to the needs of community senior citizens and to local conditions to insure they meet the special social, recreational and educational needs of the senior citizen population.

Maintains liaison with interest groups for the aged inclusive of non-profit organizations and state and local government agencies; attends meetings, conferences and training seminars to enhance the ability to recognize needs of the aged, learn new methods of leisure time recreation activity planning and to share and exchange information and ideas concerning recreation for the aged.

Assesses the effectiveness of leisure time activities through personal observation, by review of attendance reports, and through comments of participants; designs, redesigns or adapts programs and activities where appropriate.

Maintains up-to-date financial records of various expenditures relating to program activities such as personnel, supplies and equipment; operates the program efficiently within budget guidelines.

Provides information and referral for senior citizens with various problems or needs by acting as liaison with non-profit or governmental social service agencies or organizations providing services for the elderly, by working with agency outreach workers and by keeping abreast of services available in the community.

Promotes the participation of senior citizens by preparing a monthly newsletter with a schedule of events, designing brochures, posters or flyers, contacting local newspapers and maintaining an active list of eligible participants in the community.

May coordinate activities at a senior citizen center involving such duties as scheduling various group functions, nutrition services, outreach programs and other community service programs for the elderly as well as regularly scheduled leisure time or recreational activities, overseeing building maintenance and assisting in the preparation and monitoring of the center's budget.











Good knowledge of organization and content of leisure time recreational activities for the elderly.

Good knowledge of governmental and other non-profit agencies and the programs and services available to the elderly in the community.

Working knowledge of the principles and practices of leisure time recreation planning and evaluation.

Ability to plan, organize, implement and promote leisure time activities for the well aged.

Ability to assess effectiveness of leisure time activities in attaining program objectives.

Ability to communicate effectively and to establish good working relationships with providers of recreation services and elderly participants.

Ability to recognize and understand the special needs of the aged and to adopt recreation programs to meet those needs.

Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.




A. Completion of sixty (60) semester credit hours from a regionally accredited or New York State registered college or university which must include or be supplemented by twelve (12) credit hours in psychology, sociology, education, health or recreation and one (1) year of work experience, or its part time equivalent, in the planning, organizing or delivery of a recreation program, or elderly services program or a senior citizens program; or,


B. Three (3) years of work experience, or its part time equivalent, in education, social work, recreation, health services or a field closely related to human services or health services, one (1) year of which must have been in the planning, organizing, or delivery of a recreation program, or elderly services program, or senior citizens program; or,


C. An equivalent combination of training and experience as defined by the limits of (A) and (B) above.


NOTE: A baccalaureate degree in recreation from a regionally accredited or New York State registered college or university may substitute for qualifications listed in (A) and (B) above.


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