The work involves responsibility to assist in the conduct of studies, analysis, and evaluations of the functions of the Onondaga County Department of Social Services as related to work therein. Under the general supervision of an Administrative Analyst (Social Services), an employee in this class assists in administrative analysis activities on a project assigned basis by studying and evaluating clerical accounting or Social Welfare Examiners' procedures or by gathering routine information which is utilized by supervisors in larger scale analyses of social services programs. Many of the tasks performed by employees in this class are similar in kind to those performed by full performance level analysts. However, these tasks are performed within the framework of clearly defined and directly applicable guidelines and do not involve independent application of concepts or principles. Employees in this class typically rely upon first hand knowledge of social service program delivery to guide them in their duties which are part of a larger goal. The analysis of social services programs and modifications thereof is to promote efficiency and effectiveness of services. An employee in this class may coordinate the efforts of clerical employees in compiling portions of specific studies or surveys but ordinarily does not exercise supervision over personnel. An employee in this class receives general supervision from an Administrative Analyst (Social Services) who plans and reviews assigned tasks. Incumbents must successfully pass a background check. Does related work as required.




Conducts surveys; such as random moment surveys, which call for observation of service provided, client goal, and case status on a random basis in a given time frame, the results of which are used by state and federal social service agencies for purposes of reimbursement.

Makes observations on forms to be submitted to state and federal Social Service agencies.

Reviews and identifies account clerical procedures of specific programs so that electronic data processing equipment can be utilized by those responsible in the Department of Data Processing to gather data about same in creating computerized payment systems or so that the employee can clarify or verify these procedures to employees who work with procedures to conform to computerization.

Reviews manuals, printouts, or forms to clarify their context or to determine methods to clarify their content for users of same.

May revise manuals or forms to clarify same for use by examiners or clerical personnel.

Articulates problems encountered by Social Services workers in the use of forms generated by data processing personnel, and may suggest remedies.

May devise new forms, as necessary and where directed by the supervisor, to respond to requests to gather and document information.

May review data banks, such as State Data Exchange and Beneficiary Data Exchange, to recommend to supervisor where applications of these exchanges could benefit county Social Services information network.

Schedules and disperses job runs with data processing personnel; maintains files of computer program request sent to data processing personnel and completion thereof; maintains logs of flow of data processing taps exchanged between state and county Social Services agencies.

Routes and distributes computer‑data processing reports, inventory print outs and other management information media and keeps updated files on such media.

Interprets forms and procedures to be used by Social Services workers.




Working knowledge of rules, regulations, policies and practices of a local social services agency.

Ability to understand and interpret procedures and forms used by a local social services agency.

Ability to identify problems; assess their implications; analyze data; draw logical conclusions related to these problems; and recommend end appropriate solutions.

Ability to learn and apply basic concepts of administrative analysis.

Ability to revise and modify written procedures and forms.

Ability to learn and apply basic concepts of electronic data processing.






Two (2) years of continuous permanent competitive class status in the title of Income Maintenance Worker.




A. Graduation from a regionally accredited college or university or one accredited by the New York State Board of Regents to grant degrees with a Bachelor's degree, or;


B. Four (4) years of paraprofessional or professional level work experience or its part time equivalent, in a human services agency, or;


C. An equivalent combination of training and experience as defined by the limits of (A) and (B).



09/2016 Revised