The work involves responsibility for administering and supervising the psychological elements of a psychiatric outpatient clinic and day treatment program. Under the general direction of the Assistant Director for Day Treatment Services and the Assistant Director for Outpatient Services for work of a professional administrative nature and the general direction of a psychiatrist for work of a medical professional nature, the employee is responsible for psychodiagnostic evaluation and the integration of psychological services with other activities of the program. The position involves providing consultative services to medical, educational, Outpatient and Day Treatment staff members and direct therapeutic services to patients. The employee is involved in a team effort with other psychiatric, medical and professional staff members in the programs and in developing and executing research studies. The employee may provide psychological assessments and related services to children and youth at the request of other county or community programs as determined by the Assistant Director of Day Treatment or Outpatient Services. General supervision is exercised over a small number of Clinical Psychologist Trainees

and Psychology Interns. Does related work as required.




Supervises and performs psychological evaluation for diagnostic purposes using appropriate testing devices.

Participates in patient behavior modifications, rehabilitation and counseling.

Participates in the intake, screening and diagnostic activities of the program (exclusive of medical examinations).

Makes detailed analyses of test results, carries on necessary interviews to obtain complete information in each case and prepare diagnostic reports for case records and for presentation to staff and patients.

Participates in staff conferences devoted to diagnoses, treatment, planning and administration.

Supervises the in-service training of other professional and non-professionals in the contributions that can be made by psychology to treatment teams.

Supervises formal training programs approved by the New York State Education Department and the American Psychology Association.

Performs research in community mental health needs.

Performs individual, group and family therapy.

May participate in various "outreach" activities through various community campaigns.

Assists in preventive care through information and educational community activities.

May act as an expert witness in legal matters.




Comprehensive knowledge of psychological tests and measurements, including those used with children as well as adults.

Thorough knowledge of personality development and of the factors which contribute to mental, emotional and social maladjustments and deficiencies.

Thorough knowledge of methods, techniques and statistical procedures used in research.

Good knowledge of social casework, psychiatric terms and techniques.

Some knowledge of local community resources.

Ability to supervise and train others in psychology and establish a harmonious working relationship with associates.

Ability to exercise sound judgment in appraising situations and making decisions.

Ability to analyze, evaluate and administer the psychology aspects of an outpatient mental health clinic and day treatment program and make practical recommendations concerning solution of problems.

Ability to present ideas effectively to individuals and groups.

Ability to express ideas both orally and in writing.

Ability to deal effectively with family court and other human services and education agencies.

Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.






Possession of a license or limited permit to practice psychology issued by the New York State Department of Education.


9/97 Revised